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The Bouncer


The Bouncer, Square's first PS2 release, is a sort of fighting-action game that takes off on Square's PSX game, Ehrgeiz. The game, in Square's words, is a "Playing Action Movie." The skinny on this "Playing Action Movie" idea is that as you are playing, the camera moves as it would in a Hollywood motion picture, rather than just following a character around from behind the whole time. The interactivity is top-notch as well. Anything in a room -- chairs, tables, beer bottles, etc. -- can be used by the characters to fight the badguys.

According to a report, the game is totally intense. Flaming trains, people getting thrown through walls, jumping over tables while fighting... way cool. Not many details have really been released about the game and storyline, but I really want to know who that redhead from the train scene is. She looks sort of Satanic, but still hot hot hot in all her 20-million-polygonal glory.

We are really looking forward to this one. Japanese release date is scheduled for March 4, 2000, the same day as the PS2 console. Expect more news before then, and a review as soon as we get our hands on it.