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NFL Blitz 2000

By: Cloudmyl

NFL BLITZ 2000 has returned with some nice improvements over the last home conversion, NFL Blitz. This game is the home conversion of NFL Blitz 1999 which is in the arcades. While out for both the N64 and the PS, I would perfer the conversion of the PS because its got better graphics(surprisngly) and better gameplay. It also moves faster.


There are two main improvements over the last game. The big new feature is the four player mode. Now you can play with four of your friends with the multi-tap. This is a key change and works really well with no slowdown and fast gameplay. The other big improvement involves the play book. Rather than just stock plays, you can now create your own plays of 27 offensive and nine defense plays. There is also a new mode called the On Fire Mode. You can get this mode while playing by by making two QB Sacks in a row or by getting two interceptions. The On Fire Mode allows you to have unlimited Turbo and let's run with a guy hanging on to your back. Other new cool things include: on-side kicks, Blitz passing, eight variable field conditions and a smarter AI. The Titans and the Browns are also included.


Although the game isn't arcade perfect, it still looks good, better than the N64 version. The graphics remain almost the same as last year's NFL Blitz. Although you can't recognize them in the beginning, you start to realize that the graphics improved from last year's game. One of those improvements is that there is absolutely no pop-ups!!!!! It also has a speedy frame-rate.


All I could say is "WOW". Incredible. Last year, when NFL Blitz came out, I didn't think that the game could get any better... well it did. With all the new modes, improvements and better graphics, this years game is far more better than last year's game. It has almost no load times or slowdown except when you save or load. But watch out, to save the game you need at least 13 blocks of memory. Ouch!! If I were you, I would buy a memory card along with the game.

Overall score: With improvements that are incredible, this could win the sprots game of the year!!! Watch out Madden 2000 and Gameday 2000, Blitz 2000 is home!!!!

9 out of 10

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