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Army Men 3D


Do you remember when you were little and you would always have your little green plastic army men fighting against the tan army men? This game is exactly like that except you are now able to blow those little tan army men to bits! This game is action-packed and will have you wanting more. They can move into any position just like those little plastic figure poses. They can strafe, jump into a lying position, kneel, run, aim, and do everything that those little green men need to do to stay alive.

On One-Player Mode your job is varied. On some levels you are going to have the task of destroying those little tan suckers, rescuing your crew member that has been taken hostage, and other tasks require you to go through more serious missions; like having to be a body guard to a general while being attacked from all around by the tan.

In the Two-Player Mode you play in a deathmatch like mode against the second player. The Two-Player Mode is similar to the game, Capture the Flag. Where you have to take the flag and bring it back to the base without being killed. Think that's easy? You have many things against you such as: A Bazooka man, Grenadier, and a Rifle Man. Not to mention your second opponent who has the option of any weapon he can find. Among those are grenades, assault rifle, mines, mortar, flame-thrower, automatic rifle, and a jeep that has a machine gun strapped to it.

Graphics 5.0

The Graphics are not as good as they could be. They appear a bit choppy and not as plastic like as your childhood toys. In the forth year of making PlayStation games, you would expect Sony to have done a better job. Your surroundings are very rough looking as do the little men.

Gameplay 8.0

The gameplay is good, although the missions don't seem to be that much different from one another. By the end of the game you are left wondering where the real action in the game is. You'll want more missions that go outside the boundary of, go and destroy the enemy. You would probably like to uncover secret passages to the base, a landscape that you can explore more on and more communication possibilities. These people should have realistic features as that of a true army man. Digging through the mud creating tunnels, wading in murky waters, climbing into trees and watching the tan from afar.

Sound 5.0

The sound quality of the game is great, but the music interferes with what you are trying to do. I usually turn it off so I can hear what's going on in my surroundings. The detail of the sound is good, you can hear the sand and dirt crunching under that little green boot. But the explosions could have more aggressiveness to it, more thrill.

In all I think that this is a good game, but only when I first started playing it. After a while it was like it had lost its shine, and it's glamor. This game will only satisfy you for a few days, but that's it. I think the best thing about tit is Two-Player-Mode, for some reason, I'll never tire of it.

Overall 7.0 (Not an Average)