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If you have fanfic, your more then welcome to submit it to me. I can't guarantee I'll put it up, but the odds are high I will. I'm not prejudiced against slash or adult fic, but if you have a non-adult version, please submit that instead. Either e-mail me the story or e-mail me with the address its at. If I like it I'll run it through a spell check, add HTML tags and put it up. Please submit stories to this address-

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Relax and read some fic!

The Riley Series-a new series featuring Riley Finn

Clocks and Bunnies and Xander, Oh My!

A silly fic focusing mainly on Xander and featuring a demon that's different then what your used to. (To say the least!)

That's MY wolf, B*tch!

Spike kidnaps Oz, Buffy and Co. go to La to get him back. Willow kicks some major ass

Why Did You say Goodbye?

Dealing with the pain of goodbye. Could be either Buffy or Willow, you decide.

Another Turn In The Road

After the Somnambulist ep on Angel, Kate ponders her relationship with the vamp.

Lost Soul

By Micheal . POV of Spike. after weeks of captivity with Buffy and the group, Spike's breaking point has been reached. Rated R, language and slash kiss.

Willow's Revenge

Short fic by Emilie and AngelEyes that is guaranteed to brighten the day of any W/O shipper. Contains the death of a certain werewolf chick...

Afterthoughts - Rm W/ A Vu

Short Angel story by Isa Bedigian. Cordelia deals with Phantom Dennis.

Afterthoughts - Sense & Sensitivity

Short Angel story by Isa Bedigian. Cordelia ponders something.

Path of the Sidhe

By Michael. The gang is asked to help protect a boy hunted by an old race of vampires. Xander finds he has new undeniable feelings about love that cause conflict. *Rated NC-17, M/M

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