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Tommy's Pinball Planet!

By checking out this Page, you guessed it, Im a lover of Pinball Machines! This Page has Pictures of Pinball Machines I have had in the past, along wiith photos of my current machine, and photo's I have taken at Arcades and some of my favorite Pinball Links! Enjoy! 

Pinball Pictures!!!
Tommy's Pinball Machines:Past and Present!
Tommy's Arcade Pinball Pictures
Tommy's at the Arcade Pictures

    Tommy's favorite
    Pinball Websites!
    Stern Pinball Website (Formally Sega Pinball)
    Stern Pinball Website, Now the Only Maker of Pinball Machines In America!
    The Pinball Factory Pinball Website
    Bally is soon to be in the Pinball Business from Austrailia with New Games!!!!
    Mr. Pinball Website
    Lots of Pinball Info, Tips, and Pictures!
    Bordens Amusements Website
    This Site Sells Reconditioned Pinball Machines! Check it out!
    The Pinball Pasture
    Awesome site for everything Pinball!
    The Pinball Internet Database
    Looking for Info on Pinball Machines and Photo's? Check here!

    Tommy's High Scores
    My Pinball High Scores on Various Machines  

    Even though I love Pinball Machines, I don't know too much about pricing of machines and technical stuff. Please refer to a couple of the above links If your looking for prices, Parts, Etc.

    Im interested in getting either a Bally Delta Queen or a Williams Skylab Pinball Machine, If you have one for sale around the Lakewood Area, I may be interested in buying it. I always have loved those two Pinball Machines.

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    Last updated on August 6th, 2006 

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    Im at Home Practicing on my Bally Freedom Pinball Machine!!

    This Picture was taken at My Birthday Party playing my Freedom Machine!
    Notice the Condtion of the art on the side of the machine?

    I was saddened th Find out that WMS (Makers of Williams Pinball Machines) are no longer making Flipper Pinball Machines, The Last 2 games were make in the Pinball 2000 Concept (Revenge from Mars in 3D and Star Wars Episode 1). Stern Pinball is now the only known maker of Pinball Machines in America, Bally will soon be making Pinball Machines again in Austrailia. (Check Out Support them by Continuing to Put Quarters and Tokens in their Games.

    The Ring of Pinball
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