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My Presley Gallery - Yvonne Craig

Yvonne Craig

Born: May 16, 1937
Real Name: Yvonne Joyce Craig
Elvis film: It Happened at the World's Fair, Kissin Cousins
Appearance in films: co-star, role names Dorothy Johnson, Azalea Tatum
Lines: lots!
Currently: real estate business

Diggin' Up Business 1990
Jarrett (TV) 1973
How to Frame a Figg 1971
Batgirl (TV) 1967
Mars Needs Women 1967
In Like Flint 1967
Mars Needs Women 1966
One of Our Spies Is Missing 1966
One Spy Too Many 1966
"Batman" (TV Series) 1966-1967-1968
Ski Party 1965
Quick Before It Melts 1964
Advance to the Rear 1964
Kissin' Cousins 1964
It Happened at the World's Fair 1963
By Love Possessed 1961
The Seven Women from Hell 1961
High Time 1960
The Gene Krupa Story 1959
Gidget 1959
The Young Land 1959
Eighteen and Anxious 1957

TV Appearances:
"Donny & Marie" in episode: "A Batman Reunion" 8/3/99
"Starsky and Hutch" in episode: "Starsky vs. Hutch" (#4.20) 5/8/79
"Emergency!" in episode: "Inventions" (#3.22) 3/23/74
"Kojak" in episode: "Dark Sunday" (#1.8) 12/12/73
"The Courtship of Eddie's Father" in episode: "Don't Look Now But Your Scorpio's Rising" (#2.14) 3/4/70
"Star Trek" in episode: "Whom Gods Destroy" (#3.14) 1/3/69
"It Takes a Thief" in episode: "The Bill is in Committee" (# 2.3) 10/8/68
"The Mod Squad" (1968)
"My Three Sons" in episode: "If at First" (#7.6) 10/20/66
"The Wild, Wild West" in episode: "Night of the Grand Emir" (#1.18) 1/18/66
"The Big Valley" in episode: "The Invaders" (#1.16) 12/29/65
"Man from U.N.C.L.E." in episode: "Brain Killer Affair" (#1.23) 3/8/65
"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" in episode: "Turn Back the Clock" 10/26/64
"Wagon Train" in episode: "Link Cheney Story" (#7.30) 4/13/64
"Vacation Playhouse" in episode: "Hooray For Love" 9/9/63
"The Wide Country" in episode: "Bravest Man in the World" (#1.11) 12/6/62
"77 Sunset Strip" in episode: "Family Skeleton" (#2.36) 6/10/60
"Michael Shayne" in episode: "It Takes a Heap o' Dyin" 1960
"Mr. Lucky" (1959) in episode: "Little Miss Wow" (episode #1.8) 12/12/59
"Philip Marlowe" (1959) in episode: "Child of Virtue" 11/10/59
"Bronco" (1959) in episode: "Bodyguard" 10/20/59
"The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" (1959) (episode #1.19) 10/1/59
"Perry Mason" (1957) in episode: "Case of the Lazy Lover" (episode #1.35) 5/31/58
"Schlitz Playhouse of Stars" (1958) in episode: "Honor System" 3/14/58 and "Papa Said No" 4/4/58

Yvonne started her career as a ballerina, but moved to Los Angeles in 1957 after a disagreement with casting changes in her ballet company. She has been seen in over 15 films and numerous television shows, including Star Trek, The Big Valley and her most famous double role as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon during the 1967-1968 seasons. Look for her autobiography recently published (2001) "From Ballet to The Batcave and Beyond". You can order it from Yvonne's own website. To see it go to Yvonne and tell her My Presley Gallery sent ya! To get back to this site close Yvonne's site by clicking on the "x" at the top of her page, do not hit the "back" arrow. If the link does not work, here is the addy:

Below you will see photos of Yvonne from scenes in Kissin Cousins, along with It Happened at the World's Fair (coming soon).