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My Presley Gallery - Shelley Fabares

Shelley Fabares

Born: January 19, 1944
Real Name: Michelle Marie Fabares
Elvis film: Spinout, Girl Happy and Clambake
Appearance in Elvis films: co-stars, role names Cynthia Foxhugh, Valerie Frank and Dianne Carter
Lines: lots!
Currently: received a liver transplant October 2000
Film List:

Playing to Win: A Moment of Truth Movie 1998 (TV)
A Nightmare Come True 1997 (TV)
Superman 1996 (TV Series) voice
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story 1995 (TV)
The Great Mom Swap 1995 (TV)
Deadly Relations 1993 (TV)
The Canterville Ghost 1990 (TV)
Love or Money 1990
Coach 1989 (TV Series)
Run Till You Fall 1988 (TV)
Hot Pursuit 1987
The Canterville Ghost 1985
Memorial Day 1983 (TV)
One Day at a Time 1981-1984 (TV Series)
The Great American Traffic Jam 1980 (TV)
Donovan's Kid 1979 (TV)
Friendships, Secrets and Lies 1979 (TV)
Highcliffe Manor 1979 (TV Series)
Hello, Larry 1979 (TV Series)
Pleasure Cove 1979 (TV)
Forever Fernwood 1977 (TV Series)
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman 1977-1978 (TV Series)
The Practice 1976 (TV Series)
Sky Heist 1975 (TV)
The Brian Keith Show 1972 (TV Series)
Two for the Money 1971 (TV)
Brian's Song 1971 (TV)
U.M.C. 1969 (TV)
A Time to Sing 1968
Clambake 1967
Hold On! 1966
Spinout 1966
Meet Me in St. Louis 1966 (TV)
Girl Happy 1965
Ride the Wild Surf 1964
Annette 1958
Marjorie Morningstar 1958
Summer Love 1958
The Donna Reed Show 1958-1963 (TV Series)
The Bad Seed 1956 (uncredited)
Rock, Pretty Baby 1956
Never Say Goodbye 1956
The Girl Rush 1955

TV Appearances:
"Murder, She Wrote" in episode: "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Pt. 2" (#5.22) 5/21/89
"Murder, She Wrote" in episode: "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Pt. 1" (#5.21) 5/14/89
"Newhart" in episode: "First of the Belles" 1987
"Mork & Mindy" in episode: "The Wedding" (episode #4.2) 10/15/81
"Mork & Mindy" in episode: "Mork's New Look" (#3.8) 1/1/81
"Mork & Mindy" in episode: "A Mommy for Mindy" (#2.17) 1/3/80
"Hello, Larry" 1979
"The Incredible Hulk" in episode: "Escape From Los Santos" (#2.10) 12/1/78
"Vega$" in episode: "The Games Girls Play" (#1.3) 1978
"Forever Fernwood" 1977
"The Rookies" in episode: "Solomon's Dilemma" 1/27/75
"Matt Helm" in episode: "Now I Lay Me Down to Die" (#1.2) 1975
"The Rockford Files" in episode: "Caledonia, It's Worth a Fortune" (#1.12) 12/6/74
"Ironside" in episode: "Far Side of the Fence" 11/21/74
"Cade's County" in episode: "The Fake" (#1.23) 3/26/72
"McCloud" in episode: "Fifth Man in a String Quartet" 1972
"The Brian Keith Show 1972
"Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law" in episode: "Burden of Proof" (#1.11) 12/2/71
"Longstreet" in episode: "The Girl with the Broom" (#1.8) 11/4/71
"The Interns" in episode: "The Guardian" 1971
"Love, American Style" in episode: "Love and the Fuzz" 1971
"Bracken's World" in episode: "Package Deal" 1969
"Love, American Style" in episode: "Love and Mother" 1969
"The Ghost & Mrs. Muir" in episode: "Vanessa" 1968
"Twilight Zone" in episode: "Black Leather Jackets" (#5.18) 1/31/64
"Arrest and Trial" in episode: "An Echo of Conscience" (#1.18) 1/26/64
"Mr. Novak" 1963
"The Eleventh Hour" 1962
"Annie Oakley" in episode: "Treasure Map" (#3.30) 12/30/56
"Captain Midnight" in episode: "Flight Into the Unknown" 1955

Shelley Fabares has been seen in over 25 films and numerous television shows, including Twilight Zone and as a regular on several TV series. Shelley is one of the only actresses in Hollywood to co-star in three Elvis films.

Some sources give Shelley Fabares' year of birth as 1942 and 1946. She is the niece of actress Nanette Fabray. In 1962 Shelley had two Top 40 hits, including the #1 record "Johnny Angel" in 1962. During the mid-80's, Shelley Fabares and Heather Langenkamp teamed up for a "Murder She Wrote"-style pilot for a TV series called "Suburban Beat." They were cast as housewives who solved mysteries. One of Shelley's most famous roles is of Mary Stone on the Donna Reed Show, a TV series that found its way into millions of homes each week. Shelley is also the president of The Donna Reed Foundation for Performing Arts.

Shelley received a liver transplant in October 2000. Her liver failed due to an auto-immune disorder. If you would like to leave Shelley an internet get well message click here for Shelley's unofficial website. Or, you can send Shelley a card at PO Box 6010-909, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413.

Below you will see photos of Shelley from scenes in Girl Happy and Clambake. We will be adding scenes from Spinout soon! Thanks to for the 1956 pix of Shelley from Never Say Goodbye!

Girl Happy
Never Say Goodbye (1956)