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My Presley Gallery - Nita Talbot

Nita Talbot

Born: August 8, 1930 in New York City
Real Name: Anita Sokol
Elvis films: Girl Happy
Appearance in films: costar, role Sunny Daze
Lines: lots!
Currently: hasn't been seen lately in films, however has done several TV shows in the 90s.

Amityville 1992: It's About Time 1992
Diggin' Up Business 1990
Puppet Master II 1990
Jake Spanner, Private Eye 1989 (TV)
"Starting from Scratch" 1988 (TV Series)
The Check Is in the Mail 1986
Fraternity Vacation 1985
Movers and Shakers 1985
Chained Heat 1983
The Other Woman 1983 (TV)
The Concrete Jungle 1982
Frightmare 1982
Night Shift 1982
"General Hospital" (TV Series) 1981-1982
Island Claws 1980
Serial 1980
Turnover Smith 1980 (TV)
"Supertrain" 1979 (TV Series)
Double Take 1979
The Sweet Creek County War 1978
Sex and the Married Woman 1977 (TV)
The Day of the Locust 1975
The Rockford Files 1974 (TV)
"Here We Go Again" 1973 (TV Series)
Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery 1973
What Are Best Friends For? 1973 (TV)
Columbo: A Stitch in Crime 1973 (TV)
Buck and the Preacher 1972
They Call It Murder 1971 (TV)
The Movie Murderer 1970 (TV)
The Cool Ones 1967
That Funny Feeling 1965
A Very Special Favor 1965
Girl Happy 1965
"The Secret Storm" 1963 (TV Series)
Who's Got the Action? 1962
"Hot Off the Wire" 1960 (TV Series)
I Married a Woman 1958
Once Upon a Horse 1958
"The Thin Man" 1958-1959 (TV Series)
"Joe & Mabel" 1956 (TV Series)
Bundle of Joy 1956
"Search for Tomorrow" (TV Series) 1954-1955
On Dangerous Ground 1951 (uncredited)
Caged 1950 (uncredited)
This Side of the Law 1950
Bright Leaf 1950
Montana 1950 (uncredited)
It's a Great Feeling 1949

TV Appearances:
"Ellen" in episode: "Mrs. Koger" (#2.10) 11/30/94
"Charles in Charge" in episode: "Role Model" (#3.10) 1989
"Scarecrow and Mrs. King" in episode: "Murder Between Friends" (#2.22) 5/6/85
"Remington Steele" in episode: "Hounded Steele" (#2.21) 5/15/84
"Matt Houston" in episode: "Blood Ties" (#2.19) 3/21/84
"CHiPs" in episode: "Trained for Trouble" (#5.23) 4/4/82
"Lou Grant" in episode: "Andrew: Part 1: Premonition" (#3.10) 12/3/79
"Charlie's Angels" in episode: "Angels on Campus" (#4.11) 11/28/79
"Hawaii Five-O" in episode: "Bark and the Bite" (#11.254) 2/8/79
"CHiPs" in episode: "Crash Diet" (#1.18) 2/23/78
"All in the Family" in episode: "Mike The Pacifist" (#7.21) 2/12/77
"Kolchak: The Night Stalker" in episode: "The Werewolf" (#1.5) 11/1/74
"The Rockford Files" in episode "Backlash of the Hunter" (#1.0) 3/27/74
"Needles and Pins" in episode: "Endangered Species" 11/23/73
"Temperatures Rising" in episode: "Gonna Getcha" 11/13/73
"The Partridge Family" in episode: "Hate Thy Neighbor" (#4.1) 9/15/73
"Bewitched" in episode: "Tabitha's First Day At School" (#8.20) 2/12/72
"Hogan's Heroes" in episode: "Kamikazes are Coming" (# 6.20) 2/21/71
"Hogan's Heroes" in episode: "Fat Hermann, Go Home" (#5.17) 1/16/70
"Hogan's Heroes" in episode: "Klink Commandos" (#5.3) 10/10/69
"Hogan's Heroes" (1965) in episode: "Witness" (#4.23) 3/1/969
"Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." in episode: "Marriage of Convenience" (#5.7) 11/15/68
"The Monkees" in episode: "Monkees Watch Their Feet" (#2.17) 1/15/68
"Hogan's Heroes" (1965) in episode: "Hostage" (#3.15) 12/16/67
"The F.B.I." in episode: "Raid" (#2.15) 1/1/67
"Hogan's Heroes" in episode: "Tiger Hunt in Paris: Part 2" (#2.11) 11/25/66
"Hogan's Heroes" in episode: "Tiger Hunt in Paris: Part 1" (#2.10) 11/18/66
"The Virginian" in episode: "Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross" (#4.23) 2/23/66
"The Fugitive" in episode: "This'll Kill You" (#3.18) 1/18/66
"Rawhide" in episode: "Incident of the White Eyes" 5/3/63
"The Untouchables" in episode: "Night They Shot Santa Claus" (#4.1) 9/25/62
"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" in episode: "Maria" (#7.3) 10/24/61
"Follow the Sun" in episode: "Rage for Justice" (#1.1) 9/17/61
"Gunsmoke" in episode: "Belle's Back" (#5.35) 5/14/60
"The Untouchables" in episode: "White Slavers" (#1.22) 3/10/60
"Mr. Lucky" in episode: "Gladiators" (#1.20) 3/5/60
"Maverick" in episode: "Resurrection of Joe November" (#3.24) 2/28/60
"Maverick" in episode: "Easy Mark" (#3.10) 11/15/59
"Gunsmoke" in episode: "Land Deal" (#4.9) 11/8/58
"Perry Mason" in episode: "Case of the Pint-Sized Client" (#2.3) 10/4/58
"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" in episode: "Percentage" (#3.14) 1/5/58

Nita Talbot has had a long career in show business, and has worked with many famous stars. It's very odd, Nita must be a recluse of sorts, as a web search uncovered nothing about Nita. Only her credits on various films and TV appearances. This year Nita will turned 71.

Below you will see photos of Nita from her scenes in Girl Happy.