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My Presley Gallery

Marianna Hill

Born: February 9, 1941
Real Name: Mariana Schwarzkopf
Elvis films: Roustabout, Paradise Hawaiian Style
Appearance in films: bit part in Roustabout, co-star role as Lani Kaimana
Lines: lots!
Currently: hasn't been seen lately in films, however has taught acting at the Lee Strasburg Institute in London (May 2000).

The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 1992 (TV)
Chief Zabu 1988
Blood Beach 1981
Schizoid 1980
Relentless (TV) 1977
Invisible Strangler 1976
Death at Love House (TV) 1976
Dead People 1974
The Last Porno Flick 1974
The Godfather: Part II 1974
The Baby 1973
High Plains Drifter 1972
Thumb Tripping 1972
El Condor 1970
The Traveling Executioner 1970
Medium Cool 1969
Paradise, Hawaiian Style 1966
Red Line 7000 1965
Roustabout 1964 (uncredited)
The New Interns 1964
Black Zoo 1963
Wives and Lovers 1963 (uncredited)
Married Too Young 1962

TV Appearances:
"Mission: Impossible" (1966) in episode: "Condemned" (episode #7.26) 11/20/88
"Remington Steele" (1982) in episode: "Breath of Steele" (episode #3.10) 12/11/84
"Remington Steele" (1982) in episode: "Breath of Steele" (episode #3.10) 12/11/84
"S.W.A.T." (1975) in episode: "Soldier On the Hill" (episode #2.23) 3/20/76
"Nakia" (1974) in episode: "Sand Trap" (episode #1.3) 10/5/74
"The Magician" (1973) in episode: "Illusion of the Cat's Eye" (episode #1.20) 3/25/74
"Harry O" (1974) in episode: "Such Dust As Dreams Are Made On" (episode #0.1) 3/11/74
"Kung Fu" (1972) in episode: "Passion of Chen Yi" (episode #2.19) 2/28/74
"The Name of the Game" (1968) in episode: "Savage Eye" 2/19/71
"Mannix" (1967) in episode: "Sleep in the Deep" (episode #3.7) 11/8/69
"The High Chaparral" (1967) in episode: "Bad Day for a Bad Man" (episode #3.5) 10/17/69
"Hogan's Heroes" (1965) in episode: "Gasoline War" (episode #5.4) 10/17/69
"Mayberry R.F.D." (1968) in episode: "Millie's Girlfriend" (episode #1.25) 3/17/69
"My Friend Tony" (1969) in episode: "Encounter" 2/23/69
"F.B.I., The" (1965) in episode: "Patriot" 2/2/69
"Love, American Style" (1969)
"Mannix" (1967) in episode: "You Can Get Killed Out There" (episode #1.19) 2/3/68
"Run for Your Life" (1965) in episode: "Trip to the Farside" 10/11/67
"The Wild, Wild West" (1965) in episode: "Night of the Bogus Bandits" (episode #2.28) 4/7/67
"I Spy" (1965) in episode: "Night Train To Madrid" (episode #2.26) 3/22/67
"Hawk" (1966) in episode: "Hands of Corlin Claybrooke" 12/15/66
"Star Trek" (1966) in episode: "Dagger of the Mind" (episode #1.9) 11/3/66
"Batman" (1966/II) in episode: "Tut's Case is Shut" (episode #2.8) 9/29/66
"Batman" (1966/II) in episode: "Spell of Tut" (episode #2.7) 9/28/66
"Run for Your Life" (1965) in episode: "Sequestro, Parts I and II"
"Mr. Broadway" (1964) in episode: "Pay Now, Die Later" 11/26/64
"The Outer Limits" (1963) in episode: "I, Robot" (episode #2.8) 11/14/64
"Burke's Law" (1963) in episode: "Who Killed Molly?" 3/27/64
"Arrest and Trial" (1963) in episode: "The Best There Is" (episode #1.21) 2/16/64
"Daniel Boone" (1964) in episode: "Before the Tall Man" (episode #2/12/70)
"Gunsmoke" (1955) in episode: "Pa Hack's Brood" (episode #9.13) 12/28/63
"Gallant Men" (1962) playing "Lesson for a Loner" 4/27/63
"Perry Mason" (1957) in episode: "Case of the Greek Goddess" (episode #6.25) 4/18/63
"Going My Way" (1962) in episode: "Base of the World" 3/13/63
"Bonanza" (1959) in episode: "Ponderosa Matador" (episode #5.15) 1963
"The Greatest Show on Earth" (1963)
"77 Sunset Strip" (1958/I) in episode: "The Lovely American" (episode #4.33) 5/4/62
"Death Valley Days" (1952) in episode: "From the Earth" 1962
"The Tall Man" (1960) in episode: "Judas Palm" 10/21/61
"Hennesey" (1959) in episode: "His Honor, Dr. Blair" 5/22/61
"The Tall Man" (1960) in episode: "Last Resource" 3/11/61
"Two Faces West" (1960) in episode: "Witness" (episode #1.14) 1/23/61
"Dr. Kildare" (1961) in episode: "Onions, Garlics and Flowers"
"The Tall Man" (1960) in episode: "Billy's Baby" (episode #1.15) 12/24/60
"The Tall Man" (1960) in episode: "And the Beast" (episode #1.10) 11/26/60
"The Westerner" (1960) in episode: "Dos Pinos" (episode #1.5) 11/4/60
"The Tall Man" (1960) in episode: "Bounty for Billy" (episode #1.6) 10/15/60
"Tate" (1960) in episode: "Lethal Pride" (episode #1.5) 7/20/60
"77 Sunset Strip" (1958) in episode: "Return to San Dede: "Desert Story" (episode #2.23) 3/18/60
"My Three Sons" in episode: "Best Man" 1960

Marianna Hill has been seen in over 20 films and numerous television shows, including My Three Sons and 77 Sunset Strip. She is one of the only co-stars to work in 2 Elvis Presley films first in a small bit part in Roustabout, then as a co-star in Paradise Hawaiian Style. She was the daughter of a building contractor, who moved his family around. She not only lived in her native Southern California, Hill has lived in Canada, Spain, and Great Britain. In addition to acting, Marianna has been a model and was an acting coach and teacher at the Lee Strasberg Institute in London, which is now known as The Method Studio. If Marianna's name is familiar, its because she is the cousin of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Below you will see photos of Marianna from scenes in Roustabout and Paradise Hawaiian Style.