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My Presley Gallery - Mary Ann Mobley

Mary Ann Mobley

Born: February 17, 1939
Real Name: Mary Ann Mobley
Elvis films: Girl Happy, Harum Scarum
Appearance in films: co-star, role names Deena Shepherd and Princess Shalimar
Lines: lots!
Currently: hasn't been seen lately in films, however has done several TV shows in the 90s.

Bandit 1994 (TV)
Crazy Horse and Custer: The Untold Story 1990
Falcon Crest TV Series 1988
Diff'rent Strokes TV Series 1985-1986
Circus of the Stars #4 1979 (TV)
Circus of the Stars #3 1979 (TV)
Circus of the Stars #2 1977 (TV)
Circus of the Stars 1977 (TV)
Match Game PM 1975 (TV Series) panelist
The Girl on the Late, Late Show 1974 (TV)
My Dog, the Thief 1969 (TV)
For Singles Only 1968
Istanbul Express 1968 (TV)
The King's Pirate 1967
Three on a Couch 1966
Young Dillinger 1965
Harum Scarum 1965
Girl Happy 1965
Get Yourself a College Girl 1964
Be Our Guest 1960 TV Series

TV Appearances:
"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" in episode: "Salem, the Boy" (#3.17) 2/19/99
"Hardball" in episode: "Butt Winnick Story" (#1.3) 9/18/94
"Hearts Afire" in episode: "Fundamental Things Apply" (#1.10) 11/23/92
"Designing Women" in episode: "Blast From the Past" (#5.1) 9/17/90
"General Hospital" 1979
"Fantasy Island" in episode: "Let the Good Times Roll" 11/4/78
"Card Sharks" 1978
"The Fantastic Journey" in episode: "Atlantium" (#1.2) 2/14/77
"The Fantastic Journey" in episode: "Vortex" (#1.1) 2/7/77
"The Partridge Family" in episode: "I Left My Heart in CIncinnati" (#3.17) 1/26/73
"Custer" in episode: "Sabers in the Sun" (#1.1) 9/6/67
"The Iron Horse" in episode: "Shadow Run" (#1.21) 1/30/67
"The Virginian" in episode: "Vengeance Trail" (#5.15) 1/4/67
"Mission: Impossible" in episode: "Old Man Out: Part 1" (#1.3) 10/8/66
"Perry Mason" in episode: "Case of the Misguided Model" (#9.27) 4/24/66
"The Man from U.N.C.L.E." in episode: "Moonglow Affair" (#2.23) 2/25/66
"Perry Mason" in episode: "Case of the Blonde Bonanza" (#8.13) 12/17/64

Mary Ann Mobley was Miss Mississippi 1958 in the Miss America pageant and was crowned Miss America 1959. She is married to actor Gary Collins and they have a daughter, Clancy, who is a Paramount television executive. Mary Ann received the Women's International Center (WIC) Living Legacy Award in 1987.

Mary Ann was originally cast as "The Girl from UNCLE" but was replaced by actress Stefanie Powers. Then she was cast as the original Batgirl on "Batman" but was replaced by actress Yvonne Craig.

Below you will see photos of Mary Ann from Girl Happy. We will be adding more photos soon!