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My Presley Gallery - Lyn Edgington

Lyn Edgington

Born: unknown
Real Name: Lyn Edgington
Elvis films: Girl Happy
Appearance in films: Laurie, one of Val's friends
Lines: lots
Currently: hasn't been seen lately in films.

Dirty Harry 1971
Girl Happy 1965
Under the Yum Yum Tree 1963

TV Appearances:
"The F.B.I." in episode: "Wind It Up and It Betrays You" (#4.88) 9/22/68
"The F.B.I." in episode: "Line of Fire" (#3.69) 11/26/67
"Gunsmoke" playing "Wilma" in episode: "Prime of Life" (#11.32) 5/7/66
"Rawhide" in episode: "Clash at Broken Bluff" (#8.8) 11/2/65

There isn't a lot of information around on actress Lyn Edgington, who played opposite Shelley Fabares in Girl Happy. She shared the screen with fellow actress Chris Noel, playing Val's girlfriends on spring break vacation. After her part in Girl Happy, Lyn didn't do another film until 1971, then disappeared from the Hollywood scene.

Below you will see photos of Lyn from scenes in Girl Happy.