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My Presley Gallery - Jenny Maxwell

Jenny Maxwell

Born: September 3, 1941
Death: June 10, 1981 (homicide)
Real Name: Jennifer Helene Maxwell
Elvis film: Blue Hawaii
Appearance in films: Ellie Corbett
Lines: lots!

Shotgun Wedding 1963
Take Her, She's Mine 1963
Blue Hawaii 1961
Blue Denim 1959

TV Appearances:
"The Wild, Wild West" in episode: "Night of the Avaricious Actuary" (#4.11) 12/6/68
"The F.B.I." in episode: "Pound of Flesh" (#1.14) 12/19/65
"Wagon Train" in episode: "Lieutenant Burton Story" (# 5.22) 2/28/62
"The Twilight Zone" in episode: "Long Distance Call" (#2.22) 3/31/61

Jenny Maxwell played the snobby high school student on vacation in Hawaii with 2 other girls and a chaperone.

Not many fans know that Jenny Maxwell was murdered. The details of her death are sketchy and confusing. In June 1981 Jenny and her husband, famous attorney Ervin "Tip" Roeder, were shot to death outside their Beverly Hills condo. Their murder has never been solved (as far as we could research). It's an interesting, but odd, coincidence that Tip was also actor Nick Adams' attorney and was involved in trying to solve Nick's death. Nick allegedly committed suicide in 1968, but Tip and others felt he was murdered. As many fans know, Nick Adams was a good friend of Elvis' and often visited him on movie sets and in Memphis.

Below are photos of Jenny from Blue Hawaii.