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My Presley Gallery - Joan Blackman

Joan Blackman

Born: May 18, 1938
Real Name: Joan Blackman
Elvis films: Blue Hawaii, Kid Galahad
Appearance in films: co-star, role names Maile and Rose
Lines: lots!
Currently: hasn't been seen lately in films, recently appeared December 2000 singing in a restaurant lounge bar at Westlake Joe's in Daly City, California. Joan is currently writing a book about her friendship with Elvis, so stay tuned!

Return to Waterloo 1985
One Man 1977
Shivers 1975
The Heatwave Lasted Four Days 1974
Macon County Line 1974
Moon Runners 1974
Pets 1974
The Destructors 1968
Daring Game 1968
Intimacy 1966
Twilight of Honor 1963
Kid Galahad 1962
Blue Hawaii 1961
The Great Impostor 1960
Visit to a Small Planet 1960
Career 1959
Good Day for a Hanging 1958

TV Appearances:
"Doc Elliot" in episode: "Things That Might Have Been" (#1.12) 4/3/74
"Peyton Place" (1965-1966)
"Gunsmoke" in episode: "Sanctuary" (#11.23) 2/26/66
"Bonanza" in episode: "The Return" (#6.31) 5/2/65
"Perry Mason" in episode: "The Case of the Ruinous Road" (#8.14) 12/31/64

Joan Blackman has been seen in over 15 films and numerous television shows, including Gunsmoke and Bonanza. She also had a recurring role in Peyton Place and her character is the one who hit Mia Farrow with her car. But she had her start singing in San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel and other spots around the City. She is one of the only co-stars to work in several Elvis Presley films. One of the scenes in Blue Hawaii is well known around the world, the Hawaiian Wedding Song, when she and Elvis marry. Very few actresses were allowed to sing opposite Elvis. Those few lines in that scene are the only words she was able to sing in his film, unfortunately. Ann-Margret and Juliet Prowse, on the other hand, had their own singing scene in Viva Las Vegas and GI Blues.

Joan has her own website. To see it go to Joan and tell her My Presley Gallery sent ya! To get back to this site close Joan's site by clicking on the "x" at the top of her page, do not hit the "back" arrow. If the link doesn't work the addy is:

Below you will see photos of Joan from scenes in Blue Hawaii.