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My Presley Gallery - Chris Noel

Chris Noel

Born: July 2, 1941
Real Name: Chris Noel
Elvis film: Girl Happy
Appearance in film: co-star, gal pal to Shelley Fabares, played Betsy
Lines: lots
Currently: Lives in Florida, runs the Vetsville Cease Fire House, a homeless shelter she founded for disenfranchised vets in Florida.

Sin of Innocence 1986 (TV)
Cease Fire 1985
Detour to Terror 1980 (TV)
The Tormentors 1971
For Singles Only 1968
The Glory Stompers 1967
Wild, Wild Winter 1966
Beach Ball 1965
Joy in the Morning 1965
Girl Happy 1965
Diary of a Bachelor 1964
Get Yourself a College Girl 1964
Honeymoon Hotel 1964
Soldier in the Rain 1963

TV Appearances:
"B.L. Stryker" in episode: "Blues For Buder" (#1.5) 5/15/89
"CHIPs" in episode: "11-99: Officer Needs Help" (#4.11) 1/18/81
"My Three Sons" in episode: "Marriage and Stuff" (#6.13) 12/10/65
"Perry Mason" in episode: "Case of the Silent Six" (#9.11) 11/21/65
"Bewitched" in episode: "Love Is Blind" (#1.13) 12/10/64

Chris Noel has led an amazing life. She had a budding career in the early 60s, then walked away from it to entertain the troops in Vietnam for the last half of the decade. In 1966 she began hosting an hour-long radio show for the Armed Forces Network called "A Date with Chris". The show ran from 1966 to early 1971 and made her the "voice of Vietnam". In 1967 Chris began touring the war zones and for 4 years toured the bases, visited hospitals and flew into war zones even Bob Hope never visited. The helicopter she was in was shot down twice, and mortar fire exploded around her. After the war she returned to Hollywood but found she suffered the same post-war syndrome that many soldiers suffered.

Chris appeared in a film in 1985 titled "Cease Fire" a film that looked at the trauma many vets faced. She wrote an autobiography in 1987 called "A Matter of Survival" and has supported various veteran organizations. In March 1993 she founded the Vetsville Cease Fire House in Florida which now has shelters in 3 cities. Vetsville is a non-profit organization and accepts contributions. They can be contacted at: 824 McIntosh Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405. Their email:

The photos in this gallery are from the film Girl Happy. We will be adding more soon!