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My Presley Gallery - Beverly Adams

Beverly Adams

Born: 1945 in Canada
Real Name: Beverly Adams aka Beverly Sassoon
Elvis films: Roustabout, Girl Happy
Appearance in films: bit parts (uncredited)
Lines: none
Currently: hasn't been seen lately in films, however has done several TV shows in the 90s.

"The Guilt" 1996 TV Series
Mind Games 1996
"No Place Like Home" (TV) 1983
Hammerhead 1968
Devil's Angels 1967
Torture Garden 1967
The Ambushers 1967
Birds Do It 1966
Murderers' Row 1966
"Dream Girl of 1967" (TV) 12/19-23/66
Se tutte le donne del mondo (If All the Women in the World) 1966
The Silencers 1966
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini 1965
Winter a Go Go 1965
Girl Happy 1965 (uncredited) .... Girl #2
Roustabout 1964 (uncredited) .... Cora
The New Interns 1964

TV Appearances:
"Silk Stalkings" in episode: "Baser Instincts" (#2.1) 9/24/92
"CHIPs" in episode: "Head Over Heels" (#6.8) 12/5/82
"Quincy" in episode: "New Blood" (#4.18) 2/28/80
"Gidget" in episode: "In God, and Nobody Else, We Trust" (#1.2) 9/22/65
"Bewitched" in episode: "George The Warlock" (#1.30) 4/22/65

Beverly Adams is one of those 60s girls who was known for her pin-up work and acting. From 1964-1968 she appeared in a number of movies where she showed off her "style", including 3 Matt Helm films. She is one of those actresses who did bit parts in Elvis' films first in a small bit part in Roustabout, then in Girl Happy. As one of the girls in the shower scene in Roustabout, Beverly is often confused for Raquel Welch (she was actually in the opening Tea House scene). Beverly shared the scene with Marianna Hill, who was also uncredited. Marianna later went on to co-star with Elvis in Paradise Hawaiian Style. Bevery later married hair stylist Vidal Sassoon and they had several children.

Below you will see photos of Beverly from her uncredited scenes in Roustabout and coming soon, Girl Happy.