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Hi, I'm Sailor Mercury.  Come on in and make yourself comfortable. ^_^
Welcome to *Mercury Power Rules!*, a web shrine dedicated to one very cool Scout--Sailor Mercury.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've seen everything concerning Sailor Moon and all the other Scouts. But there's something behind this one Scout that is pretty much intriguing to me. That's where I come in.

Presented for your viewing pleasure, I have a fairly big gallery of Sailor Mercury/Amy pics, and an equally sizeable amount of Sailor Mercury fanart. Some people have said that Mercury was a weak character, but maybe once they've seen what's on here (and you too, of course), they would see how wrong they are. ^_^

Also for all other Sailor Moon fans...check out my growing collection of Sailor Moon fan art. Yes...there's definitely something for everyone! ^_^

So without further adieu, come on in and check it out! And like Sailor Mercury would probably say, "Hope you have a *blast!*"

Prepare yourself!

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The Lowdown




Sailor Moon Fanart

Credits / Links

The Lowdown: Naoko Takeuchi

The Lowdown: Aya Hisakawa

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