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American Jews Visit Lithuania

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On October 31, 1999 My aunt and uncle, Edith and Larry Kowalsky were killed in the crash of EgyptAir flight 990. I cannot say enough nice things about these two human beings. May we all be like them.

This page is dedicated to them, Larry made this trip possible.

Well here I am in front of our hotel in Vilnius. This was the starting point of our little visit to the country and to the town where my mother, Sarah came from. Along with me on this trip was my Uncle Larry, my sister Judy and my brother Milton and our cousin Eugene. We visited several towns and cities in Lithuania and we saw monuments to the Jews that were murdered by the Lithuanian's. The places we visited were Vilnius, where we found a Chabad. We also went to Anykscia, the town where my family came from. In addition we visited Kaunas. In Kaunas we visited the area where the Jewish ghetto was and we went to Fort IX, which was a prison where the brought Jews from many countries to kill them. There is a monument to the fifty thousand people that were murdered there. We found a shul there and went on Shabos. There are still some Jews there but not many. There is only one Torah in the shul, which was kept by a non jew and returned to the shul after WW II. Other towns we visited were Klapeda and Palanga and Prienai. We went to the Baltic Sea and Eugene went swimming and we saw the sunset. We also went to Latvia and to Poland. In Poland we found a building that was once a shul and a building that was once the Yeshiva. They are now used by a theater group. There are no Jews in the city of Sejny.