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Take a stroll down Lincoln Park. Scroll to your right and see for yourself.
Main parking lot Lincoln Flo Beautiful fishing lake Children's playground #1 Children's playground #1 Slide Swimming Pool Boathouse More
Pictures To Come.
Gym, Auditorium,
Senior Room,
Ball Diamonds,
Tennis Courts.
Welcome to Lincoln Park Recreation Center!
Automobiles enter here on 3501 Valley Blvd.
We have plenty of free parking. Enter on Valley Blvd.
Entrance to our office is on middle right of picture.
Latest picture of
Abe Lincoln.
Latest picture of
Florence Nightingale.
A view across the lake looking North from Valley Blvd.
Fishing here goes on everyday.
Children's playground #1 from Valley Blvd. side.
Swings, slides, sandbox, parallel bars, ladders, and more.
Playground #2 from Mission Rd. side of the park.
Notice the 2 unique slides in the background.
Children's playground #2 from Mission Rd. side.
A closer view of the children's slide that looks like a Mayan temple.
The swimming pool. (Summer use only).
Office, Auditorium, Gym, Senior Center are behind pool.
Latest picture of the boathouse.
All pictures taken by j.a.