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Lincoln Park

Boxing Fitness Class

Dwain and crew for a group shot.
(Not all students pictured)

Andy "The Hawk" Price
Dwain "Tyger" Williams
Also Boxing Tournaments are held at Lincoln Park
Come down and see a tournament or two.
Boxing Tournaments are:
Johnny Flores
Golden Gloves
LA vs. San Diego
Jr. Golden Gloves
Diamond Belt
Contact Andy Price for the latest tournaments info. (213) 847-1727.

Andy Price overlooking the students
during a good workout.

Andy & Dwain giving instructions to
one of their students.

Read about our boxing staff

The training is intense and unyielding and includes 50 laps around the gym, push ups, leg lifts and jumping rope. Head coach Andy Price and coach Dwain Williams meet the participants twice a week for conditioning, training, lasting a minimum of three hours. This training which is part of Lincoln Park's curriculum, requires six weeks of strenuous cardiovascular conditioning. Once their bodies are in condition, they attend a boxing gym for the remainder of the program.
Price has several goals for the youth who attend this program.
"I want to get the kids in shape, give them an idea of what boxing is about and at the same time emphasize the importance of school. I try to steer them in the right direction. With boxing, hopefully they are too tired to get into trouble after they leave here," he said.
He has worked with more than 100 youth in his career thus far, including the coach Williams, who he has trained since Williams was 11 years old. He has been fighting professionally since 1997 and has fought at the Great Western Forum and Caesar's Palace.
Price, started boxing at the age of 10 and turned professional at the age of 19. After 11 years of professional fighting, Price joined Rec. and Parks in 1985 when he started the boxing fitness program.
Many of the boxers that Price has trained have made it to the Golden Gloves Tournament, a citywide competition where 200-300 youth from around the city compete in different weight categories.

Dwain "Tyger" Williams Our Lincoln Park Boxing Instructor.

Contact: Andy "The Hawk" Price our boxing advisor at Lincoln Park for more information.

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