Why does life have to be full of black licorice jellybeans?  Dammit!


Let it be known:

Read this editorial:
Winning by Intimidation -- MSNBC Opinion
While I am cognizant of the fact that the press is notoriously liberal, I daresay with so many eyewitnesses to the event, there is at least a shred
of truth to this report.  GODDAMMIT, why aren't more people outraged by his behavior?  America is truly in jeopardy if we allow some common 
criminal to steal our democracy in this fashion.  We deserve whatever Marshal law is put upon us if we ALLOW Bush to become President.  This has
the potential to become a watershed event in our history -- stand up and be counted (I know, aren't I such a hypocrite -- dammit, I'll admit it, I didn't



Back to me  ;-)

I pose the same question to you that I did to HIM...why is it that the one you want doesn't want you in return?  And the ones that do want you are 
never the ones that YOU want?  HE said that everyone has this problem, and that it's nothing new and not unique to me -- yeah, but does he come
with a package (like me?!?!?!?!)...Ah, hell...I'm lost.  And it's too late for me.
If you've got a clue, mail me because I'm clueless...or at least send me a quarter so I can go BUY myself a clue!!!!