And this I pray...

Please God, don't let a night of mistakes turn into a lifetime of regrets.


Excuse me...have you seen my soul?  I think I lost it.  It was here somewhere, but now it's gone.

Who could have taken my soul?  Was it you?


Found it, or rather, remembered who took it.
I have nothing profound to say right now.  I love you, X, and I'm sorry for all the hurt and pain we caused each other.  Please come back.  
For the record, I was the psycho, not you.  I miss you.

El via amantino, Timino

To have something so rare, and to have let it slip away...or worse yet, to have kicked it away...that is the biggest regret of them all...vin amas eterne


Sometimes I used to hide in the closet when I needed a place to survive.  Oh boy do I need that closet right now....

Don't you hate being alone?