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Sacramento Kings Coverage

Team Report - 2001-2002 Season

By: Brad, SKC Team Report Writer
Written 7/29/01

With the Kings many roster changes, this year will be an interesting one. The Kings re-signed two great players, and brought in another. Here's a breakdown of the Kings roster by position and each player's affect on the team this season.

Point Guard

The Kings this season improved most at this position. Last season, the Kings lacked a solid, consistent team leader at the point. Mike Bibby will bring loads to the Kings. He brings a great offensive game to the floor every night. Bibby not only brings three more assists per game, but he also brings 15.8 points per game compared to J-Will's 9.4. Bibby is also a good defensive player which is another missing piece from the PG position last season. Behind Bibby, returns Bobby Jackson, who is very consistent. He's one of the best back-up point guards in the league because he brings a complete game every night. He is an awesome defender, has tons of energy and hustle, and has a solid offensive game. He can create plays when he drives in the lane, and should be a solid contributor to the Kings. Then there is veteran PG Brent Price who, if healthy at all, will be a non-factor. He has a decent 3-point game, but we'll see little of him.

Shooting Guard

Petrie and the Maloofs did a great getting Doug Christie to re-sign. As the starting shooting guard, he brings a great attitude and hustle. Christie was the key contributor to the Kings surpring defensive success last season. A second team All-Denfensive player, Christie is one of the best defenders in the game. Backing up Christie is Jon Barry who had a fairly disappointing year last season due to injuries. But Barry will bring energy and hype to the game when he's in it. Hopefully we'll see the Barry we saw two years ago. Another player who might be seen at the two position is Hedo Turkoglu, but then again you might see him at every position.

Small Forward

Small Forward is the Kings position with the most depth. They have three solid players at the three position. Peja Stojakovic has been one of the most improved players in the league. He will prove to be a star in the league this season after averaging over 20 points a game in just his third season in the NBA. Backing him up are two young, yet solid, players. Hedo Turkoglu proved that he has potential to be a star in the league last season in the playoffs. He showed an outstanding jumper in just his rookie season. He will be a key player because he'll need to keep the three position solid when Peja takes a breather. The third is rookie Gerald Wallace. As a unestablished player, Wallace may not see much time early, though he has been great in the summer league. When he does play, he should bring excitement to the game with his high-flying jams.

Power Forward

Hands down Chris Webber is the Kings best player, and he's in the top five best players in the game. He is the Kings team leader. When he plays well, the Kings play well. Averaging over 27 points and a double-double a game, Webber has proven himself in the league. It's great to know he's here for seven more years. Backing up C-Webb is Lawrence Funderburke who will see little time but will need to play well in the abscence of Webber. He's definitely not afraid to shoot, and every once in a while he gets hot and may score 10 points.


At center we have a veteran, team leader and an aggressive energetic animal. Vlade Divac will keep the team chemistry solid and, mentally, is the Kings team leader. His positive attitude is good to have. Behind him is the beast Scot Pollard. Pollard is a great defender and rebounder. With the Kings offensively stacked lineup we may see more of this guy this season. His energy is exactly what the Kings need.


The Sacramento Fans will once again play a huge role in the Kings home success. The noise and energy the fans put into the games is what carries the Kings. I recommend everyone join the excitement and check out the Kings this season at ARCO Arena. The Kings fans make Arco Arena one of the most feared places to play in the NBA; let's keep it that way.

The Kings roster this season is deep and will be great. They have the best chance this year for a championship. Petrie has made all the right moves in finding the best possible team for Sacramento. This year's squad should produce an exciting and successful season.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject

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