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Sacramento Kings Coverage

SKC End Of The Year Awards

2001 SKC Awards

The regular season is over. It's that time for the 2nd Annual SKC Awards.


Scott's Pick: Allen Iverson, 76ers
Chris' Pick: Allen Iverson, 76ers
Unanimous selection. Iverson is so valuable to the Sixers. He does it all.
Other Candidates: Shaq, Webber, Duncan

Worst NBA Player

Scott's Pick: Chris Dudley, Suns
Chris' Pick: Chris Dudley, Suns
Dudley has absolutely nothing going for him as far as basketball ability. Only reason he is still in the league is because of his seven-foot frame.
Other Candidates: Causwell, T.Knight, Longley

Most Clutch Player

Scott's Pick: Reggie Miller, Pacers
Chris' Pick: Kobe Bryant, Lakers/Vince Carter, Raptors
Reggie is getting older but he still seems to feel no pressure at the end of games. Kobe and Vince have both shown they can take over a game in the crucial stages.
Other Candidates: R.Allen, A.Iverson, Shaq

Team of the Year

Scott's Pick: Bucks
Chris' Pick: Lakers
Call me stupid, but the Bucks, since the bad start, have been very consistent. The Lakers have overcome turbulance and now are destroying the league. Other Candidates: Spurs, Sixers, Kings

Worst Team of the Year

Scott's Pick: Bulls
Chris' Pick: Bulls
Sorry Chicago. The big free agent class of last year only gave Chicago Ron Mercer and Brad Miller. Bulls are still years away.
Other Candidates: Warriors, Pistons, Hawks

Surprise Team of the Year

Scott's pick: Mavericks
Chris' pick: Mavericks
It would have been very hard for someone to predict the Mavs would get 5th seed and knock of the Utah Jazz in the first round.
Other Candidates: Bucks, Hornets

Coach of the Year

Scott's pick: Larry Brown, 76ers
Chris' pick: Larry Brown, 76ers
Larry Brown set Allen Iverson on the right path; turned the team into winners.
Other Candidates: Adelman, P.Jackson

Rookie of the Year

Scott's pick: Kenyon Martin, Nets
Chris' pick: Mike Miller, Magic
Kenyon Martin, despite missing much of the end of the season, was the best rookie. Mike Miller won the award because of the injuries to the 2 main candidates, but Miller still had a good season for Orlando.
Other Candidates: M.Jackson, Turkoglu, Peterson

Biggest Rookie Bust

Scott's pick: Jerome Moiso, Celts
Chris' pick: Jake Tsakalidis, Suns
Moiso hardly ever played for Boston, but will see more action in the future. Tsakalidis never really discovered his offensive game.
Other Candidates: Swift

Dirtiest Player

Scott's pick: Karl Malone, Jazz
Chris' pick: Rick Fox, Lakers
Both Malone and Fox know how to play dirty; Malone is just a little more blatant.
Other Candidates: Stockton, Gugliotta, Horry

6th Man

Scott's pick: Eddie Robinson, Hornets
Chris' pick: Tim Thomas, Bucks
Similar players, Thomas and Robinson both stepped it up in the playoffs after being key producers throughout the season.
Other Candidates: Pollard, McKie, K.Thomas

Most Improved Player

Scott's pick: Baron Davis, Hornets
Chris' pick: Tracy McGrady, Magic
Baron Davis went from a little used backup point guard to a budding NBA star. Tracy McGrady proved his worth with a tremendous season in Orlando.
Other Candidates: Stojakovic

Funkiest Hair

Scott's pick: Moochie Norris, Rockets
Chris' pick: Moochie Norris, Rockets
Moochie had the 'fro working. We just wish Keith Closs would have played so he could have defended his title from last year's awards.
Other Candidates: Shammond Williams

Best Trade

Scott's pick: Hawks get Ratliff/Kukoc
Chris' pick: Kings get Christie
The Hawks knew they would lose Mutombo via free agency so they traded him for a young, all-star center and a polished veteran forward. The Kings acquisition of Christie also opened a starting spot for Stojakovic, who emerged as a premier player.
Other Candidates: 76ers get Mutombo, Mavs get Howard/Booth

Best Dunker

Scott's pick: Vince Carter, Raptors
Chris' pick: Darius Miles, Clippers
Vince's dunks are just too incredible, ferocious, and beautiful. Darius looks like a star in the making; his athleticism for his size is amazing.
Other Candidates: Francis, D.Mason, K.Bryant

Best Shooter

Scott's pick: Ray Allen, Bucks
Chris' pick: Ray Allen, Bucks
Ray Allen won the 3-point contest and has proved throughout the season that he is the best shooter.
Other Candidates: Stojakovic, R.Miller, Porter

Best Fans

Scott's pick: Kings
Chris' pick: Kings

Yet again, Kings fans pick up this award.

This concludes the 2001 SKC Awards. We hope you enjoyed.

2000 SKC Awards

With the end of the season here, everyone is doing their own awards. So, we at SKC decided to share our awards; some with a little twist. So, without further delay, here are the first annual SKC Awards.

Most Valuable Player

Scott's Pick: Shaquille O'Neal, Lakers
Jasminka's Pick: Shaquille O'Neal, Lakers
Brad's Pick: Kevin Garnett, T-Wolves.
The Fans' Pick: Shaquille O'Neal, Lakers (50% of votes)

The feeling was pretty much mutual on this one. Although we all would love to see CWebb get it and prefer Chris over Shaq, what Shaq has done this year cannot be matched by any other player. Not only is he scoring and rebounding, he is passing the ball well and leading the Lakers to victory. I (I being Scott) believe that Kevin Garnett is the best player in the league, but there is difference between most valuable and best. Garnett is having a tremendous season. Other candidates: CWebb, Payton, Duncan.

Worst NBA Player

Scott's Pick: Duane Causwell, Heat
Jasminka's Pick: No Comment
Brad's Pick: Duane Causwell, Heat

Duane Causwell is the only player in the NBA who will get you 1 block, 1 missed dunk, 1 turnover, and foul out in 5 minutes. Other Candidates: Jim McIlvaine, Felton Spencer.

Team Of The Year

Scott's Pick: Lakers
Jasminka's Pick: Lakers
Brad's Pick: Lakers

Lakers win this award without any quarrels.

Worst Team Of The Year

Scott's Pick: Clippers
Jasminka's Pick: Clippers
Brad's Pick: Clippers

Although we like the Clippers future (with Olowakandi, Odom, and D.Anderson), they still take this award this year. Other Candidates: Grizzlies, Bulls, Wizards.

Coach Of The Year

Scott's Pick: Phil Jackson
Jasminka's Pick: Phil Jackson
Brad's Pick: Phil Jackson
The Fans' Pick: Phil Jackson (45%)

Doc Rivers was a candidate, but it too tough to overlook what Phil Jackson has come in and done with the Lakers.

Worst Coach Of The Year

Scott's Pick: Gar Heard, Wizards
Jasminka's Pick: Gar Heard, Wizards
Brad's Pick: Gar Heard, Wizards

Gar Heard had a team with Rod Strickland, Mitch Richmond, and Juwan Howard and did nothing. Some will argue that it's the players fault, but will go with Wes Unseld (who fired Heard) and blame Gar. Other candidates: Don Casey, Nets.

Rookie Of The Year

Scott's Pick: Elton Brand, Bulls
Jasminka's Pick: Steve Francis, Rockets
Brad's Pick: Elton Brand, Bulls
The Fans' Pick: Steve Francis, Rockets (60%)

The first award that actually will require some thought. Elton Brand lived up to his #1 pick status. Steve Francis also had a great season. Other candidates: Lamar Odom.

Sixth Man Award

Scott's Pick: Jerome Williams, Pistons
Jasminka's Pick: Peja Stojakovic, Kings
Brad's Pick: Peja Stojakovic/Jerome Williams (tie)
The Fans' Pick: Peja Stojakovic, Kings (57%)

Detroit's Junk Yard Dog had a great season off the bench and was one of the league leaders in rebounding. Peja usually was the Kings second leading scorer in every game. Other candidates: Rodney Rogers.

Most Improved Player

Scott's Pick: Dirk Nowitzki, Mavs
Jasminka's Pick: Dirk Nowitzki, Mavs
Brad's Pick: Jason Williams, Kings
The Fans' Pick: Jerry Stackhouse, Pistons (56%)

Dirk has turned into one of the best shooters in the league. He helped Dallas reach the 30+ win mark this year. Don't know what Brad was thinking with Jason Williams. Other Candidates: Jerry Stackhouse, Bob Sura

Worst Hair

Scott's Pick: Keith Closs, Clippers
Jasminka's Pick: Keith Closs, Clippers
Brad's Pick: Keith Closs, Clippers
The Fans' Pick: Keith Closs, Clippers (53%)

Unfortunately, a picture of Keith's 'fro could not be found The consensus pick for this award was Keith Closs. Keith's 'fro was like terror on the loose. Closs is listed at 7'3". With the hair, he's been measured at 9'6". Other Candidates: Shammond Williams, Sonics, Greg Ostertag, Jazz.

Best Shooter

Scott's Pick: Peja Stojakovic
Jasminka's Pick: Peja Stojakovic
Brad's Pick: Peja Stojakovic
The Fans' Pick: Peja Stojakovic (53%)

Maybe a little bias here, but when Peja is hot, nothing can stop him. He has a smooth shooting touch.

Best Trade

Scott's Pick: Warriors acquiring Larry Hughes
Jasminka's Pick: 76ers acquiring Toni Kukoc
Brad's Pick: Warriors acquiring Larry Hughes
The Fans' Pick: 76ers acquiring Toni Kukoc (63%)

Larry Hughes will be a star in this league. It cost the Warriors John Starks and a 1st rounder. Toni Kukoc had an immediate impact in Philly.

Best Dunker

Scott's Pick: Steve Francis, Rockets
Jasminka's Pick: Vince Carter, Raptors
Brad's Pick: Vince Carter, Raptors

Steve Francis is about 6'1" and his dunks throughout the year have been impressive. Vince Carter's dunks at the all-star contest may be the best ever.

Best Fans

Scott's Pick: Kings
Jasminka's Pick: Kings
Brad's Pick: Kings

Of course. The Kings fans rock Arco Arena and make it tough for any visiting team.

And on that note, we end the 2000 SKC Awards. We hope you enjoyed it.



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