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Sacramento Kings Coverage

Last Updated: 6/25/02

Sacramento Kings Draft Coverage

2002 NBA Draft Information

Welcome to the SKC's 2002 NBA Draft Coverage. On this site, you can find prospect information, mock drafts, rookie workout info, and more, with an emphasis on the Sacramento Kings. This year, David Aspinall, a guy who follows college basketball religiously, will join Sac Kings Coverage and contribute his views on the top prospects and where he thinks everyone will go. The 2002 NBA Draft is June 26, 2002 in New York. Check back here often during the weeks to come for the latest news and reports.

Predictions for the Kings 2002 1st-round pick

Scott, SKC Webmaster - Nenad Krstic, C, Yugoslavia
David, SKC Draft Expert - Dan Gadzuric, F/C, UCLA - Dan Gadzuric, F/C, UCLA
Frank Burlison, - Dan Gadzuric, F/C, UCLA
Tony Mejia, - Juan Dixon, G, Maryland
Ray Glier, - Roger Mason Jr., G, Virginia
Jerry Brewer, Orlando Sentinel - Sam Clancy, F, USC
Steve Kyler, Webmaster - Ryan Humphrey, F, Notre Dame
Karl Schneider, - Jason Jennings, C, Arkansas St.
Jeff Robertson, - Rod Grizzard, G/F, Alabama
Chad Ford, ESPN Insider Columnist - Carlos Boozer, F, Duke
Danny Ainge, NBA Analyst - Nenad Krstic, C, Yugoslavia
Andy Katz, - Nenad Krstic, C, Yugoslavia

Kings Rookie Workouts

A list of players who have worked out for or plan to workout for the Sacramento Kings.

Casey Jacobsen - Stanford - SG/SF
Predrag Savovic - Hawaii - SG/SF
Mladen Sekularac - KK FMP Zeleznik (Yugoslavia) - SG/SF
Matt Barnes - UCLA - SF
Chris Christoffersen - Oregon - C
Jason Jennings - Arkansas St. - C
Aaron McGhee - Oklahoma - F
Tayshaun Prince - Kentucky - F
Jamal Sampson - California - C
Vincent Yarborough - Tennessee - SG/SF

David's 1st Round Mock Draft

Updated 6/23/02
Here is a look at how SKC's draft expert, David Aspinall, thinks the 2002 NBA Draft lottery will turn out.

Scott's Mock Draft
Updated: 6/25/02

1. HOU - Yao Ming
2. CHI - Jay Williams
3. GSW - Mike Dunleavy Jr.
4. MEM - Nikoloz Tskitishvili
5. DEN - Caron Butler
6. CLE - Drew Gooden
7. NYK - Chris Wilcox
8. LAC - Nene Hilario
9. PHO - Amare Stoudemire
10. MIA - Jared Jeffries
11. WAS - Qyntel Woods
12. LAC - Dajuan Wagner
13. MIL - Curtis Borchardt
14. IND - Melvin Ely
15. HOU - Bostjan Nochbar
16. PHI - Marcus Haislip
17. WAS - Dan Dickau
18. ORL - Jiri Welsch
19. UTA - Frank Williams
20. TOR - Carlos Boozer
21. POR - Juan Dixon
22. PHO - Tayshaun Prince
23. DET - Kareem Rush
24. NJN - Casey Jacobsen
25. DEN - Rod Grizzard
26. SAN - Jamal Sampson
27. LAL - Sam Clancy
28. SAC - Nenad Krstic

1) Houston: Yao Ming - Potential, potential, potential. He's mobile and durable at 7'5". He has range on his shot, but many doubt his physical strength and actual availability for the draft due to his dedication to his home land China. He is a very risky player to take and might also become a very good player.

The Bulls covet Williams 2) Chicago: Jay Williams - Although he may have changed his name, his game has definitely not changed. This guy is so explosive and quick that he may be one of the hardest players to guard in the NBA. His jumpshot is consistent and he can fire it from deep (27 ft.). He is an excellent penetrator and solid passer. He has the smarts to play in the NBA and the physical strength too, listed at 6'2", 195 pounds. Comparison: Baron Davis/Stephon Marbury

3) Golden State: Mike Dunleavy - If this guy comes out he will tear up the NBA. He is so versatile at 6'9 that he could play a variety of positions. He has a very consistent jumper, can rebound and pass better than most guys at his position, and he also has athleticism to his game. He lacks physical strength (although he sure looks bigger than a year ago) but has confidence that he will do well in the pros.

4) Memphis: Drew Gooden - He is a great player with his back to the basket, and has 20 ft. range on his jumper. He is a consistent rebounder and a hustler. He reminds me of a mini Tim Duncan. At 6'10, 230 he may need to bulk up to play that power forward position in the NBA.

Butler may be the most NBA-ready player in the draft 5) Denver: Caron Butler - If it were not for Yao Ming and Jay Williams, he would be the number 1 pick. He can do it all at the small forward position. Denver really needs a wing who can score consistently (sorry James Posey and George McCloud) and has outside/inside game. He is a fierce competitor who is physically mature (6'7 235lbs.). NBA comparison: Paul Pierce

6) Cleveland: Nickoloz Tskitishvilli - He will play the 3, because of his lack of size/strength to play the 4. He is another highly regarded SF and probably the best European to come out this year. He can do many things: run the floor like a guard, shoot the ball consistantly, and pass well for his size. He will need a few years to adjust to the NBA's style of play.

7) Knicks: Chris Wilcox - He has so much potential to become a solid player. He has post presence and plenty of athleticism at the power forward postion. He is enormously strong (6'10, 240) and rebounds very well too. NBA comparison: Antonio McDyess

8) Clippers: Dajuan Wagner - He isn't a true point guard and does not have the height to be a 2-guard (6'2), but it doesn't matter because he is a guard who can score at will. His work ethic is also unbelievable. He reminds me of Iverson, without the quickness, but with more strength. He will excell at whatever position he will play in the NBA.

9) Suns: Amare Stoudamire - Although there have been other teams intersted in him higher in the lottery, he will be a good fit in Phoenix if drafted here. At 6'10 and straight out of high school, he is a power forward who is by far the most athletic person I have ever seen. He needs time to develop like most high schoolers, but I bet you he will be in the NBA dunk contest some year. He has serious upside to his game. Again, he is a high schooler with no boundaries on his potential.

Hilario would fit nicely with the rebuilding Heat squad 10) Heat: "Nene" Hilario - This guy is another well rounded power forward who will be available in the draft. He was known in Brazil to dominate games at will. He can finish extremely well, has soft hands and long arms to block shots, and is athletic. His work ethic is also a plus.

Woods (left) has been compared to T-Mac 11) Wizards: Qyntel Woods - He can shoot, drive, dribble, rebound, pass, and so much more. He is a definite do-it-all player. At 6'9, he will play the wing and should do very well. He will have to adjust since he is coming straight out of community college. This is why he will go #11. Some scouts doubt the competition he had, but I don't. He averaged over 32 points and 10 rebounds. NBA comparison: Tracy McGrady

12) Clippers: Jared Jeffries - What position will he play? The 3 or the 4? He plays with so much enthusiasm and heart, but is inconsistant with his jumpshot. He also needs to develop strength. But scouts see something in him, so the best of luck to him.

13) Bucks: Curtis Borchardt - Maybe, the only center that could be drafted in the first round after Ming. After Chris Marcus decided to return to school, Borchardt's stock might rise. He is an efficient rebounder and inside scorer. But can he survive in the NBA? We will see.

14) Indiana: Melvin Ely - The draft is full of power forwards this year, and Ely is another one. Like Haislip, he has power to his offensive game and he can hit the 15 footer. His defense is a work- in-progress, but he is a consistent player who has heart to play in the NBA. If he has good workouts, he may move up.

15) Houston: Boston Nachbar - He probably is the second-best European coming out this year. He really knows how to run the floor well, and like most Europeans in the NBA, he can shoot the rock. He will play the 3 in the pros, where the Rockets need help.

16) 76ers: Marcus Haislip - He is a developing player, but could be a force in the NBA in a couple of years. He has power to his game and is a good defender. Philadelphia needs another big man, and he could definitely fill the void.

17) Hornets: Jiri Welsch - A 6'6 guard who could help the Hornets. He can definitely handle the ball like a PG. He will play both guard positions. He has awesome court vision, and knows how to use his body. He can do many things at his position, and is the highest regarded guard out of Europe. These Europeans are going to take over the NBA some day...just watch.

18) Orlando: Jason Jennings - He is a legit 7'0 center who the Magic have conveted. He is a physical presence who can also hit from the outside. He needs to work on his defensive court-awareness, but other than that he may surprise many teams. NBA comparison: Matt Geiger

Dickau has already impressed teams in workouts 19) Utah: Dan Dickau - He has probably the best jumpshooter in the draft. He is a solid penetrator who looks to pass when he does drive. He is a shoot-first point; this was because at Gonzaga he was asked to score. He has good speed and quickness, not lightning though like Jay Williams. His speed is very deceptive. His work ethic is also unbelievable - like his idol and fellow Gonzaga star John Stockton. The biggest weakness on Dickau is his defense, or lack there of. And his size is no problem, although many critics have pointed it out. He has gained 15 pounds of muscle since his junior year. He is now at 6'1, 185. NBA comparison: Steve Nash/Mark Price

20) Toronto: Frank Williams - He is a strong finisher who knows how to get to the rack. He is a vocal leader and can give Toronto help at point guard with Alvin Williams. At 6'3, he is a big point guard, so size is not a problem for him. His outside shot is lacking, and so is his overall consistency. Like Jeffries, he should stay another year in college to develop.

21) Blazers: Kareem Rush - He is a true 2-guard and will succeed as long as he has that jumper by his side. He just scores. He's a consistent 20 point scorer who can just score! He reminds me of Allan Houston, but left handed. He did struglle with the double-teams last year at Mizzou, but he shouldn't get doubled in the NBA.

22) Suns: Chris Jefferies - He is a defensive stopper. He locked up many of the top players last year. He is very athletic. And he can play either the 2 or 3. He is working on his offensive game, and when that comes around he may be a special talent. His work ethic is superb, and he really has lots of guts.

23) Detroit: Roger Mason Jr. - He has eyes like a hawk. He is a 6'5 guard. He can handle the ball with the best of the point guards and is a great penetrator. He can do many things, but his jumper is not there yet. The Pistons need a good guard, and Mason Jr. could be the answer.

24) Nets: David Anderson (Italy) - He is a consistent inside scorer with strong fundamentals. The Nets are pretty stacked, but he could help K-Mart at the 4 position. He may need to gain some strength at 6'10 235. Other possibilities: Boozer, Clancy, Parker or Jennings.

Dixon has already overcome tons of adversity 25) Denver: Juan Dixon - He is what motivation looks like. He has faced many obstacles in his life and has overcome them beautifully. He is a winner. Period. He knows how to score in a variety of ways, but will need to convert to the 1-guard spot, because of his lack of size to play the 2 like he did for Maryland. He is a good ball-handler and passer, but not great. His jump shot is there and so is his leadership skills. He also has great defense. He could be a steal for the Nuggets who are in desperate need for a guard. I am sorry James Posey and George McCloud.

26) San Antonio: Carlos Boozer - At 6'9, he is a man-child. His talent may be raw, but he can do many things, such as score in the post, rebound and run the floor well. His stock is rising on a daily basis, as he may go as high as #19 to the Jazz.

27) Lakers: Sam Clancy - He is a home-town native and is a consistent force down-low. The Lakers need help at the 4 spot, and Clancy would fit like a glove. Samaki Walker is not cutting it. The concern about Clancy is his size, which is 6'8 (if that). Other possibilities: Gadzuric, Parker, Boozer or Jennings.

Krstic is a 7-footer 28) Sacramento: Nenad Krstic - This pick makes sense as Krstic plays for the team Vlade Divac's owns in Yugoslavia.