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SKC Reader Reponses

Remember: Sac Kings Coverage is an open forum. If you have something to say, e-mail me. I'd be happy to post your thoughts, comments, and ideas. You can be given credit any way you want with a name and/or e-mail if you'd prefer.

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Summer Wishlist

Written: 7/2/02, 9:03am PST

Things I would like to see from our King's this summer:

1. Attitude: I would like to see our guys adopt the mentaility that they are training for and will play 82 game 7's. I want 12 Marvin Hagler's out there. Forget the hand shakes and kiss/hug greetings when they take the floor. Instead, I want them to look each guy in the eye and offer a stern and sincere "$%&# *&%". No "nice", no "cool", no "we are brothers" out there. WAR WAR WAR.

C-Webb must improve footwork 2. Chris Webber: I thought he had a fantastic season, and showed a marvelous versitility in his game. Still, I think the expectations for Chris will forever be unattainable. Still, he still has the most natural talent of anyone his size, and is still fundamentally underdeveloped. Specifically, I want him to attend Pete Newell's big man camp. His footwork in the paint is horrible. He has no true "go to" moves in the paint beyond his jump hook, which again has flawed footwork and can only be launched from one side of the floor. So, footwork in the paint is key. Next, boxing out and regaining his rebounding hunger. Those two things with more work on the pick and roll and he will be devastating. His stab step and fake to dribble drive is still hillarious.

3. Vlade: Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. His game was outstanding, particularly in the playoffs. He clearly feels the clock running out. He still plays Shaq better than anyone in the NBA, and additional conditioning can only help. I thought 2001-2002 was his best season, and I would simply like to see him build on that.

4. Mike: Re-sign and keep the momentum on his growth and confidence.

5. Gerald: Simply continue to work as he has. I think we should see him get on average 8-10 minutes a game next year. His jumpshot and control over his game will be the keys to his summer.

Hedo not impressive 5. Hedo: I know I am in the minority here, but I still feel Hedo is the most overrated 2nd year player in the western conference. My knocks: Terrible floor vision. Cannot dribble without looking at the ball off the pivot. His move to the bucket should be started with an air horn, for it resembles and aircraft carrier turning in speed. His move to the bucket, even off a screen takes half the floor. Defenses can count to 10, reset and STILL fill the lanes on his move. Often times (this just kills me), he starts his move, can't see a lane and pulls the ball out to the top of the key to get his vision of the floor. His probelm, in my humble opinion was plainly: He thought he arrived. His summer last year was terrible, and he didn't do what was asked of him. He must be a wee bit more humble and work work work. Also, his shot is fundamentally terrible. From his arc to his rotation, WRONG. He needs a lot of work, and fast.

6. Doug: Simply the most underrated King and SG in the league. His defense is spectacular and he is continuing to improve his numbers. Unfairly criticized.

7. Peja: Stay healthy and improve mental toughness, particularly versus physical defenders. The league thinks it knows how to play him, and body up is it. He needs to improve his move off the dribble and perhaps rely less on the high post screen.

8. Strategy: Rotate Chris and Vlade to the high post, more than letting Chris camp there. That, and more combo rolls/slashes off the pick and roll. 9. Somehow find the project that can fill Vlade's shoes down the road. Despite the criticsms, I though the team did an oustanding job in the draft. Krstic has too narrow shoulders and will not have the size for many years, if at all. He is skin and bones and may stay that way. Gadzuric is a freak of an athlete, and that is it. They will be over the cap, so any first rounder is on your cap for three years and he costs you 50% more because the luxury tax. They have to give Orlando their pick next year, so they replace what they would have lost and likely will get a better slot out of it. Plus, they send a message to everyone and and out of the organization: We are going to win it all just the way we are (personnel).

C-Webb's Outrage

Written: 2/13/02, 9:05pm PST

As far as this CWebb outrage at the media crap, I'm really trying to tune all that stuff out this year, it seams like it's always something with the SacBee and a certain section of Kings Fans. They seem to give those fans something to whine about or a reason to give up all hope.

Mitch doesn't want to play here anymore
Who's this Predrag guy, why did we draft him he'll never play here in a million years
Chris will never set foot in Sac
Why did we give all this money to Divac he sucks
Chris is going to New York
Jason doesn't know his role

There are plenty of these types of stories every year, I can think of a few more but you know where I'm going with all this. Those fringe fans who pay more attention to what's going on off the court and not enough attention to what's going on on the court and are missing one hell of a season. I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride.

P.S. Here's hoping that the next big story is ... Hey Bibby just won a ring, he's gonna leave to make more money somewhere else.

Webber's Tantrum

Written: 2/13/02

Chris' anti-media tantrum to me is beyond stupid, it is ignorantly hypocritical. Does a tall goodlooking Chris Webber CPA get $120,000,000+? Uh, no. Does a tall goodlooking Chris Webber School Teacher get $120,000,000+? Uh, no again. Does Chris Webber the goodlooking stockbroker get $120,000,000+? Uh, absolutely no. Now, where this all comes together is Chris Webber the NBA Star gets massive money, tons of unpublished privaledges (foremost of them dating Tyra Banks, because Chris Webber the CPA or any other career path wouldn't have a chance in hell of meeting her), yet he doesn't want his personal life exposed. Interesting, because Chris Webber the NBA star can't wait to tell us many features of HIS personal life, such as his collecting of African-American cultural items, his budding involvement in music and hip-hop, his love of these new chrome bumber shoes that he PERSONALLY wears, and thinks WE should wear them too. Webber blew up after the Spurs game Isn't it interesting that we SHOULD know, according to him, anything personal that serves a particular purpose, yet not that other stuff. You know? BS BS BS. Chris, pull it out buddy. You don't get what you have, when you get it, how you get it by being Joe Public like me. You get it, and all the accolades by being the PUBLIC figure you are. You're life is PUBLIC! Why, because YOU made it that way. You sold yourself to the public for that massive $$ signs that you did. It comes with the territory big guy. I am sure Tyra dated Seal because he was an outstanding car wash parts salesman. Check her record big guy, she is a famous dater. Regular Joe Fella doesn't have a shot. Don't be a hypocrite Chris. That Bee article was typical Bee journalism: Pure superficial fluff. If that ruffles your feathers, run to the nearest mirror to find the guy responsible.

Other than that, your game is going to new heights and I am proud of your growth as a player. Now, just don't hate the "game" that you made and it made you.