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So You Want To Go To a Game?

This section has been created for your convenience. It offers you, the fan, a rundown of all the preparations needed if you plan on or are attending a Kings game.

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices for Kings seats range from $10-$385. Standing room only seats are $10. They become available after a game is sold out. Upper level seats cost between $10 (Nosebleed) and $43.50 (center court). Lower level tickets range from $60.50-$99.50. The premiere seating tickets (first few rows) cost anywhere from $195 to $385.

Where can I buy tickets?

ARCO Arena Tickets can be purchased at, the Arco Arena Box Office, or by calling (800) 4-NBA-Tix.

OK. Got my tickets. How do I get to Arco Arena?

Arco Arena is located on One Sports Parkway in Sacramento, CA. How to get there from...
Sacramento Metropolitan Airport: take I-5 South to Del Paso Road Exit. Make a left onto Del Paso and then turn right onto ARCO Arena Boulevard.

West Sacramento: take the I-80-BR East ramp towards Sacramento. Merge onto I-80 BR/US-50 E/Capital City Freeway. Take I-5 RAMP towards LOS ANGELES/REDDING 5. Merge onto I-5 NORTH RAMP. I-5 N becomes I-5 N/CA-99 North. Take the DEL PASO ROAD exit. Locate Arco Arena.

East Sacramento (Folsom Blvd.) : Take the US-50 WEST ramp towards (I-80-BR). Merge onto US-50 W. US-50 W becomes US-50 W/CA-99 N. Take US-50 W/I-80 BR/CAPITAL CITY FRWY. Take I-5 RAMP towards LOS ANGELES/REDDING. Merge onto I-5 NORTH RAMP. Merge onto I-5 N/CA-99 N. Take the DEL PASO ROAD exit. Locate Arco Arena.

South Sacramento (Mack Road) : Stay straight to go onto POCKET RD. Take the I-5 NORTH ramp. Merge onto I-5 N. I-5 N becomes I-5 N/CA-99 N. Take the DEL PASO ROAD exit.

I found the building. How much do I need for parking?

Parking is 8 dollars. Unfortunately, there is no alternative parking site.

OK I'm in the parking lot. Where should I park?

Following the game, the Arco Arena parking lot is jam packed. It is best to park near the exit. Yes, it is a good walking distance from Arco, but it will save you time after the game.

I'm inside Arco Arena. What's the food situation?

4 bucksThe prices for food have been raised again and, like most sports stadiums/arenas, Arco Arena features expensive food. Menu items include: the King Dog ($4), regular Arena dog ($2.75), chicken sandwich ($4.25), nachos ($4.25), popcorn ($3.75), candy ($2.50), Red Ropes ($1.75), peanuts ($3), ice cream (waffle cone $3.75, cup $3.25), personal pizzas, pretzels, soft drinks, Java City coffee, and of course, beer. New to Arco Arena this year is the Sushi Bar behind Section 107. Food vendors roam the aisles of the arena with peanuts, candy, cotton candy, sodas, water, malts, Haagen Daz ice cream bars, and more.

So far so good. It's halftime. What should I do?

Always featured at Kings games are halftime entertainment shows. Sometimes these can be interesting. Other times they can be a bore. During the break, I suggest checking the Kings team store which features a wide variety of Kings merchandise including jerseys, shirts, hats, and more. Use the restroom, pick up an ice cream, and return to your seat for the second half.

The game is over. Do I have to go home now?

Not immediately. Following each Kings game Grant Napear interviews one of the key members of the game at center court with the interview broadcast througout the arena. After the interview, make your way to the Arco Arena Skyline Lounge for the postgame show. Hang out with Grant Napear, Jim Kozimor, and others and discuss the game while competing in various trivia contests. If you have to go home immediately after the game, find the exit as quickly as possible because, as I said earlier, the parking lot is packed. If you parked near the exit, you should have no trouble getting out.

Repeat process as many times as you can afford.