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Kevin Conroy Returns As Batman!
Posted on 3/20/08

Exciting news! It's only been two years since the DCAU wrapped up with the series finale of Justice League Unlimited. But now Kevin Conroy is returning once again as the voice of Batman in Batman: Gotham Knight, a direct-to-DVD anthology film that will act as a tie-in with this summer's The Dark Knight. The movie is a collection of six individual stories, told in different visual styles, that will bridge the gap between Batman Begins and TDK. Kevin will be featured as the voice of Batman in all six segments as a way to provide a sense of continuity between the visual variations. You can read the official announcement here. Click here for the official Batman: Gotham Knight website.

Kevin has also been confirmed as guest starring in a fourth season episode of Adult Swim's The Venture Brothers, which is set to premiere in Fall 2009.

"Animated Shorts" interviews Kevin Conroy
Posted on 6/22/07

Head over to Newsarama's Animated Shorts to read a brand new interview Kevin Conroy. The actor discusses his stint as Batman, shares some of his favorite memories, and more. And don't forget, this weekend is Conroy's appearance at the Florida SuperCon.

Conroy in "Batman" theme park ride
Posted on 4/7/07

I've just recently uncovered yet another appearance by Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman. From 1992-2006, the Warner Bros. Movie World theme park, located in Queensland, Australia, featured Batman Adventure: The Ride, a motion platform simulator attraction in the style of Disneyland's Star Tours. In 2001, the ride was renamed Batman Adventure: The Ride 2 and revamped with new CGI animation. The attraction places riders in the cockpit of a Batwing piloted by Batgirl, and you follow Batman on a journey through Gotham City to foil the schemes of Joker, Catwoman, and Mr. Freeze. When revamped in '01, the ride featured Conroy as the voice of Batman, along with Mark Hamill, Adrienne Barbeau, and Tara Strong as Joker, Catwoman, and Batgirl respectively. Unfortunately, as of 2006, it appears the ride has been closed down. Whether temporarily or permanently, I don't know. The animation is not in the style of the Bruce Timm DCAU, but you can watch the entire in-ride animation here.

No "New Frontier" for Conroy
Posted on 3/4/07 has posted a transcript of last night's Bruce Timm/DCAU panel at WonderCon, where Timm discussed the upcoming Superman: Doomsday and The New Frontier DVDs. In regards to New Frontier, which was a 2003 mini-series that featured the JLA in the late-1950s, it was announced that none of the main cast from Justice League will be returning to their roles, due to the different direction the film takes. It will feature an all-new voice cast, some of which have already been cast. However, Timm stated that it's likely Conroy will return to voice Batman in future projects, and that Justice League: Worlds Collide may still happen. In any event, it will be interesting to see who's cast as Batman. Be sure to check out the transcript for other exciting tidbits regarding future Bruce Timm projects.

"The Adventures of Batman & Robin" clips
Posted on 10/11/06

In 1995, the video game The Adventures of Batman & Robin was released for the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and Super Nintendo. However, the Sega CD version was different in that it contained fully-animated cut scenes between levels, animated by frequent B:TAS animation house TMS, and featured the principal voice actors. The roughly-16 minutes of footage forms a sort of mini-story and, since it maintains the look and voice talent of the show, has often been referred to as "The Lost Episode" of B:TAS. If you go to the Filmography, you can click on the title to find a legitimate website that has the seven segments available for download.

The End of the DCAU?
Posted on 8/29/06

Kevin will be making a guest appearance on the season premiere of The Batman. He'll be the voice of John Grayson, Dick Grayson's father. The episode airs September 23. Check your local listings.

Now that Justice League Unlimited has ended, many fans have been wondering about the future of the DCAU and, for us Kevin Conroy fans, Kevin's continued role as Batman. I haven't been able to keep up with many of the rumors circulating, but from what I can tell, Bruce Timm is still involved with DC-related projects, including an adaptation of the Death of Superman storyline, but it will not be in the style of his previous DCAU series. There's a new video game in the works called Justice League Heroes, but Kevin will not be providing Batman's voice. (Nor will any other cast members from JLU reprise their roles; the game features an all-new cast.) There was a direct-to-video feature called Justice League: Worlds Collide in the works, which was just about to go into production before Warner Bros. decided to shelve it in order to concentrate on JLU. Whether or not it will still be produced at some point remains uncertain.

I suppose Kevin could still provide Batman's voice in any Timm-style DCAU projects that come along, with or without Timm's direct involvement, but I really have no idea when that could be. For the moment, it appears the Timmverse/DCAU is over. And so might be Kevin's role as Batman. If that proves to be the case, it'll be disappointing, but at least Kevin had an amazing run, having played Batman over several shows for close to 15 years. Otherwise, all we can do is wait and see.

"Phantasm" Special Edition on the way?
Posted on 6/7/06

Last night, the Home Theater Forum hosted a chat with Warner Bros' Animation and TV department. (A full transcript can be read here.) Among many of the titles talked about for future DVD release, there was mention that a Special Edition of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is being considered. Let's hope plans pan out, because MOTP could definitely benefit from a new transfer, as well as some nice bonus features. Wouldn't it be awesome to finally hear Kevin Conroy on a commentary?

A brand new Homepage
Posted on 6/1/06

There's been some major changes to the site, including a revamp of its look. It's much more basic than the previous layout, but this simpler look is easier for me to maintain. Also, many sections have either been condensed or removed completely. If there's a section missing that you liked, I apologize. Some stuff I just had to trim down or get rid of altogether. I've still got some more work to do, but the majority of the big stuff is done.