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Welcome To My Personal Site

Updated on April 22, 2002.

I'm a Northern California native, born and raised. I'm now 5'11 and 167 pounds. I'm Japanese-american, actually I'm half Japanese and the rest is some elaborate mix of races.

I've spent almost my life living in Sacramento, it'll always be home. I grew up within the Asian community, I played twelve years of J-league church basketball, I just completed my third coaching season with my boy Scott. In my younger days I went to Asian church, youth groups, camps, and spent time as a camp counselor.

I've always been involved in sports and I m in my second season playing basketball on the Sacramento Barons in NAU. This tourney season I'm gunning for a allstar ballot, I've got the tools now. It's all application.

I think that I'll always be involved in some sport, when age slows me down there's always golf. Athletics are a part of my life, I've dedicated so many hours of my time training in the gym, chasing the perfect abs. (Ha ha)

As for my education, right now I'm away from school. I was just spinning my wheels at junior college in Sacramento, just trying to find my way out. I planned on earning my BS from a four year university. My favorites prospect was UCLA. Time changes everything, even me. What I thought I knew about the life that I wanted, I really knew nothing about. For now, it's working full time and classes part time. I'll find the right path for me, I know this...because I refuse to lose. I refuse to.

Important beliefs:

"To live is to survive is to find meaning in the suffering." - DMX

Anything that I've ever acomplished I have not done alone. Someone has always been there to support me in one way or another. I've had my family, friends, and now my best friend. Every step has had someone ready to catch me if I fall.

Something for my family:

To my grandparents,

Anything that I have ever accomplished has been done with you in mind, You are my good intentions, my teachers, and my foundation. You raised me with strong ideals and respectfulness.

There is so much that you have given up for me and I can never repay you for your sacrifices. I only hope that my life will reflect my Love and appriciation for you.

I hope that I can someday bring you honor and pride.

To my little cousin Nicholas,

You amaze me every day that I watch you learn and grow. Your father was my biggest hero while I was growing up. He was always there, looking out for me. He even let me change the channel to my cartoons. (That I will never forget.) I hope that someday I can be as much for you. I look at you and think: "That's my man."

My take on Love:

Love, I don't know you...

With respect to being in Love: "The wisest man knows that he knows nothing at all." Humility has taught me this much, time has done the rest.

Nothing is Forever

Nothing is Promised

and Nothing is Deserved

Love is a Gift. - 11/22/99


To my boys, Eric and Anthony. I don't know where I would be without you two getting me through my trials and all of those nights I was stressing over stupid girls. You are both my best friends and my closest peeps. My boys, I look foward to everyday that we've got. It feels like I've been right here with you two my whole life, getting you both in trouble. Just think. I'll strive to keep you close by my side like you've always been. Thanks for everything fellas.

Scott, you're family. The best part of my life has been spent coaching with you. I think you're my better half on the sideline. As for my playing, you're still my yoda. You always manage to see the things that I don't on the court.

Hey Tracy, (Lew-ny toon) you are the friend who has always been in my corner. Since Eighth grade you've been my friend, that takes a lot of understanding and patience. I hope you realize that I appriciate every day of it, my life would be less without you in it. (Besides someone has to tell me who I shouldn't date!)Hopefully we can keep picking up where we leave off.

To those who have faded away over time, I hope to see you all again.

A picture of my friend Christina and I. Thanks for always smiling. I miss my sister already, be good in the bay!

Taken June 14, 1999

This page is was originally created with the help of my boy, cougar96Thanks for lookin out for me. Good luck in Oklahoma. Represent.