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Sorrow For WTC Victims and Family

This quote is from the webpage.

Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to all the people and their families affected by the attacks on Tuesday. The loss of innocent life is just terrible, and our thoughts go out to all of you who personally may have had friends or family killed or injured in the tragedy. The pain felt across the country demonstrates the lesson of Tuesday's events: that the taking of innocent life is devastating to a society and terribly wrong.

On Tuesday, the victims were American. But the horrible scenes that we've witnessed on TV this week are regular occurrences in other places around the globe. And too often, violence like this has been meted out by our own country and its client states. We should stand together against this type of violence in all its forms, whenever it happens, whether its done in the name of religious fanaticism, or in the names of our own domestic elite.

Ourr best wishes go out to all of you. Take care of yourselves, and each other.


Tom Morello

Rage Wins a Grammy!

During tonights Grammy awards Rage Against The Machine won Best Hard Rock performance for 'Guerrilla Radio', but ended up losing the Best Rock Album award to the Foo Fighters. Apparently Rage's acceptance of the award (without Zack) was not aired during the show on television, but during commercials. Rumor has it that this is in response to Tim Commerford's outburst at the MTV music awards in September. For more Grammy award winners go here

In other news, though the former Soundgarder frontman Chris Cornell had been in rehearsal with Rage, the recent rumor regarding his appointment as the new RATM vocalist (see news entry below) has been declared false by Tom Morello. Read the full story here


Zack De La Rocha is expected to be featured on the upcoming debut album The Neptunes, a hip-hop production team . The Neptunes will be releasing the album entitled, "In Search Of...", under the moniker N.E.R.D.. It will be released sometime this spring.

"The Battle Of Mexico City" DVD

The latest DVD/VHS titled "The Battle Of Mexico City" was recently announced to be released in January of 2001. Unfortunately it was then postponed until February 20th, which is now the official release date. Here's the info according to Tom Morello:

"This is the full-length concert and video journal of our trip to Mexico City which was clearly one of the musical and political highlights of our career. From the police riots outside the venue, to Zack's brilliant vignettes highlighting important issues in Mexico (including the Zapatistas' struggle for land and freedom, and students' and workers' battles for justice in the cities), this was an amazing time in our lives that we were fortunate to have documented. The live performance was one of the most inspired in our history, and the Mexico City crowd was as intense as any we've played for. Bits of this concert were previously shown on MTV around the release of "The Battle of Los Angeles," but this is the full, uncensored, unedited, unapologetic version of the show and the events surrounding this crucial moment in the band's history." --Tom Morello

Rage Apologizes for Napster Ban

"Rage Against the Machine would like to sincerely apologize to all of our fans who were kicked off of Napster for downloading 'Renegades,'" said Tom Morello this Thursday, after discovering that the band's management company had instructed Sony Music to ban Rage fans from Napster.

"The move to take action against Rage fans was taken completely unilaterally by our new management," he continued, "In their zeal to keep the record from getting out before the release date, they did not consult the band before instructing Sony Music Corp. to institute the Napster ban. As soon as I was made aware of this horrible mistake on their part, I immediately phoned our management and the record company to see what we could do to get our Napster-using fans reinstated as soon as possible. Per my instructions, no further notices will be sent out, and again, I apologize for this undermining of your right to hear our music."

If you have been banned from Napster for downloading Rage Against the Machine mp3 files, the official way to have your account reinstated is to fill out the "Counter Notification Form," found towards the bottom of the webpage found here. Once Napster receives your email, they will reinstate your account in 10 to 14 business days.

A quicker way to get back on to Napster is to follow these instructions:

1) Uninstall Napster. When the uninstall program asks you if you wish to remove your user information, choose "Yes".

2) Once uninstalled, if you are using Internet Explorer, click the following link and choose "Open this file from its current location":

It's only a few bytes. When it's done, you'll be prompted if you really want to add the information to your registry. Choose "Yes".

If you are using Netscape, once you have uninstalled Napster, click on the above link using the right mouse button, and choose "Save Link As..." and save the file to your desktop. Then double-click the new file "de-ban.reg", and when you are asked if you want to add this information to the registry, choose "Yes".

3) Re-install Napster.

4) When Napster runs for the first time, be sure to choose yourself a new user name, and a different e-mail address to that which you signed up with initially.

If you follow this procedure, you should be able to access Napster normally.

Battle of Mexico City DVD Set for Release in January 2001!

A DVD and VHS video entitled "The Battle of Mexico City" will also be released in January. This is the full-length concert and video journal of our trip to Mexico City which was clearly one of the musical and political highlights of our career. From the police riots outside the venue, to Zack's brilliant vignettes highlighting important issues in Mexico (including the Zapatistas' struggle for land and freedom, and students' and workers' battles for justice in the cities), this was an amazing time in our lives that we were fortunate to have documented. The live performance was one of the most inspired in our history, and the Mexico City crowd was as intense as any we've played for. Bits of this concert were previously shown on MTV around the release of "The Battle of Los Angeles," but this is the full, uncensored, unedited, unapologetic version of the show and the events surrounding this crucial moment in the band's history.

Rage Nominated for Two Grammys!

RATM has been nominated for 2 Grammys! Best Hard Rock Performance (Guerilla Radio) and Best Rock Album (The Battle of Los Angeles). The awards will be held February 21, 2001 (8PM ET/PT). Congrats to the band!

De La Rocha Leaves Rage Against The Machine

For nine years, Rage Against The Machine has managed to maintain a true sense of musical and political achievement, and has reached unimaginable levels of creativity and originality. And until now, they have managed to do all of this while working together, and maintaining an strong sense of comradeship. Until now...

Zack De La Rocha has officially announced that he is leaving the band. The reasons seem rather vague, but here is his response: "I feel that it is now necessary to leave Rage because our decision-making process has completely failed...It is no longer meeting the aspirations of all four of us collectively as a band, and from my perspective, has undermined our artistic and political ideal...I am extremely proud of our work, both as activists and musicians, as well as indebted and grateful to every person who has expressed solidarity and shared this incredible experience with us."

The series of events that led up to this...tragedy(?)...have proved too much for the band. From the incident at the VMA's, to their parting with their management, the band has seen its share of difficulties. What is next? Tom, Brad, and Tim are planning to continue as a trio and be known still, as Rage Against The Machine. The live DVD and Album will still come out on its expected date of Nov. 21, as well as Zack's solo album which is due out early next year.

Read the MTV article here:

Also read the Shoutweb article here:

Rage Parts with Management (9/14/00)

Rage has rescently parted ways with their management G.A.S. Entertainment and are once again self managing themselves. Here's the article from CDNOW:

Rage Against The Machine Cans G.A.S. Entertainment (Sep 14, 2000, 10:25 am PT)

Rage Against the Machine has fired G.A.S. Entertainment, the band's management team of six months, as of Tuesday (Sept. 12).

Contrary to published reports, the animosity between the two camps has been brewing for several months and the final straw had nothing to do with bassist Tim Commerford's arrest at the MTV Video Music Awards last week (allstar, Sept. 8). In summary, Rage was simply not happy with the way the band was being managed and blames mismanagement for the split, according to a source.

Rage will return to self-managing in much the same way as during the release of the band's last album, The Battle of Los Angeles. G.A.S. Entertainment, headed up by music moguls John Silva and Gary Gersh, is the second managerial staff let go by Rage in the past year. The band parted ways with former manager, Brigette Wright of Movement Management, shortly before the release of Battle last November.

Attempts to contact G.A.S., which also manages the Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Beck, and the Beastie Boys, for comment were not answered by press time.

Meanwhile, Rage finished off the second of a two-night stand at the Olympic Grand Auditorium in Los Angeles on Wednesday (Sept. 13), adding a cover of Devo's "Beautiful World" into the set. Look for the fruits of both shows on the band's upcoming live album, due on Epic Records in November

Rage Plays L.A. - Recorded for Live Release (9/14/00)

Rage played at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on the 12th and 13th of September. (tues. and wed.) The shows were taped by producer Rick Rubin, and feature covers of Cypress Hill's "How I Could Just Kill A Man" with B-Real and Sen Dog, EPMD's "I'm Housin'", Eric B. and Rakim's "Microphone Fiend", MC5's "Kick Out The Jams" and Devo's "Beautiful World".

Apparently, after the show there was a BBQ where fans could meet the band and converse. I believe you had to have some kind of passes for that.

These shows supposedly took the place of the previously scheduled Fillmore shows, which I was hoping to attend. So basically everyone in the Bay Area got screwed over, but you're here for news not my pathetic ranting...

The release date for the live video (I hear it's going to be a DVD) is November 7th, and will be released through Epic Records.

(thanks to for providing some of the information about these shows.)

Rage Against The Machine Rocks, Ozomatli Shut Down At Democratic National Convention
Aug 15, 2000, 7:30 am PT

Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha used the band's Monday (Aug. 14) evening set at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles to send a message.

De La Rocha, who normally lets the music do the talking onstage, began the band's controversial set across the street from the Staples Center with his own State of the Union address:

"There's another show going on across the street from here, but it's all sold out," began the singer as the first notes of "Bulls on Parade" withered in the background. "Brothers and sisters, our democracy has been hijacked. Brothers and sisters, all electoral freedoms in this country are over so long as it's controlled by corporations. Brothers and sisters, we are not going to allow these streets to be taken over by the Democrats or the Republicans. Because it's all of us who have built this city, and we can tear it down unless they give us what we need."

The band followed De La Rocha's statements with a fiery, incident-free set, which included "Kick Out the Jams," "Testify," "Guerilla Radio," "Sleep Now in the Fire," "Freedom," and "Killing in the Name," among others. As police in riot gear surrounded the packed parking lot, which hosted the event, and security teams fought to hold back the crowds, 10,000 strong by some accounts, from pushing forward into the pit area, Rage came, Rage saw, and -- for a short time anyway -- Rage conquered.

Ozomatli, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. After a few additional speeches and political calls-to-arms by various protest groups, the L.A.-based Latin/hip-hop/alternative band's set was cut short by police two songs in after fans who had climbed a security fence refused to come down. After several warnings, police cut the power to the area and relayed the following message:

"I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly," announced Cmdr. Brennan of the LAPD. "In the name of the people of the state of California, I command all those assembled at this location in the demonstration area at Olympic and Figueroa to immediately disperse, which means to break up this assembly. If you do not do so, you may be arrested or subject to other police action. Section 409 of the Penal Code prohibits remaining present at an unlawful assembly. If you remain in the area which was just described, that being the assembly area at Olympic and Figueroa, regardless of your purpose in remaining, you will be in violation of section 409 ... You have 15 minutes to disperse." And with that, the message was silenced.

In other convention performance news, Los Lobos is scheduled to perform a set on the convention floor inside the Staples Center on Tuesday (Aug. 15) afternoon.

-- Story and photos by Kevin Raub

(For many pictures of the DNC demonstration, go here:

Rage live at the Fillmore/Roxy (7/14/00)

Rage will be playing in San Francisco at the Fillmore Auditorium beginning on July 25, and continuing on July 27 and 28. The shows are expected to be filmed for a live DVD and album which will be released in the Fall under the Epic label.

Rage will be playing at The Roxy in LA on July 23rd for a show put on by KROQ. The only way to get tickets is to win them from KROQ. It is a benefit for the LA Regional Food Bank.

Tickets On Sale Thursday, July 6th (7/5/00)

Tickets for early east coast shows are now on sale!
Get them here while they last - Tickets are going to be around $50 plus or minus a few bucks depending on the venue and where you buy the tickets, $2 of the ticket's cost will go to charity.  Also here is some unofficial information on the upcoming west coast tour dates...but you didn't hear them from me!
So here's the entire tour list--Keep in mind that the later ones are not yet official.

August 02nd Barrie, ONT - Molson Park (Feat. Busta Rhymes, Rah Digga)
August 04th Darien Center, NY - Darien Lake Six Flags P.A.C. (Feat. Busta Ryhmes, Rah Digga)
August 05th Washington, DC - RFK Stadium (Feat. Common, At The Drive-In)
August 07th Burgettstown, PA - Post-Gazette Pavilion @ Star Lake (Feat. Common, At The Drive-In)
August 09th East Rutherford, NJ - Giants Stadium (Feat. Dead Prez, At The Drive-In)
August 11th Hartford, CT - Meadows Music Theatre (Feat. Dead Prez, Confrontation Camp)
August 12th Foxboro, MA - Foxboro Stadium (Feat. No Doubt, Busta Rhymes, At the Drive-In)
August 15th Columbus, OH - Polaris Amphitheater (Feat. Green Day, Confrontation Camp)
August 16th Tinley Park, IL - New World Music Theatre (Feat. Green Day, Confrontation Camp)
August 18th Pontiac, MI - Pontiac Silverdome (Feat. Deftones, TBA)
August 21st Noblesville, IN - Deer Creek Music Center (Feat. Deftones, TBA)
August 23rd Kansas City, KS - Kemper Arena (Without Rage Against The Machine)
August 24th St. Louis, MO - Kiel Center (Without Rage Against The Machine)
August 26th Memphism, TN - Pyramid (Without Rage Against The Machine)
August 27th Pensacola, FL - Pensacola Civic Center (Without Rage Against The Machine)
August 29th Miami, FL - Miami Arena
August 30th Tampa, FL - Ice Palace
September 01st Atlanta, GA - Lakewood Amphitheater
September 02nd New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Arena
September 04th Dallas, TX - Cotton Bowl
September 05th San Antonio, TX - Alamodome
September 07th Phoenix, AZ - Desert Sky Pavilion
September 08th Las Vegas, NV - Thomas And Mack Arena
September 10th George, WA - The Gorge
September 11th Tacoma, WA - TacomaDome
September 13th Portland, OR - Memorial Coliseum
September 15th San Francisco, CA - 3com Park
September 16th Los Angeles, CA - Coliseum


Tour dates for Rage and Beastie Boys Concert up! (6/27)

Information regarding the Rage Against the Machine and Beastie Boys tour can be seen in the tour dates section of this website.

Tom Morello in a movie with a Pornstar! (6/20)

Tom will have a part in a comedy titled "Made" in a scene with adult film star Jenteal. The movie is directed by Jon Favreau, and is about two aspiring boxers, lifelong friends, getting involved in a money-laundering scheme through a low-level organized crime group. Tom plays a character who is the best man for Jonathan Silverman in a bachelor party scene where Jenteal does a lap dance for Morello. The cast includes Sean "Puffy" Combs, John Favreau, (also director and writer) Famke Janssen, Vinny Pastore, Jonathan Silverman, Vince Vaughn, and Makenzie Vega. The film will be released next year under Artisan Entertainment.

Rage on tour with Beastie Boys: (5/8)

Rage and the Beasties are planning to kick off their tour this summer (2000) in early August. There have been rumors about Rage touring in the summer with Korn and Limp Bizkit, however when Brad Wilk was asked about this, he stated "No, absolutely not. We're setting up a tour with the Beasties and probably somebody else....I don't think that would be good for the band. I have nothing against Korn and Limp Bizkit or anything." Brad also stated that he would rather they ask the band instead of just throwing it out there. However the Beasties tour seems very definite, although there are no specified dates or venues to date. The Dead Prez is one of the bands rumored to be opening for the tour. (Thanks to

The Bammies: (4/10)

Also known as the Bay Area Music Awards, now known as the California Music Awards, took place on Saturday, April 8. Rage Against The Machine was nominated for several awards, and won a total of 5 awards. The awards they won are:

  • The outstanding hard rock/heavy metal album award for "The Battle of Los Angeles.''

  • Outstanding group

  • Artist of the year

  • The Arthur M. Sohcot Award for Public Excellence.

  • Tom Morello won the outstanding guitarist award.

Tom Morello recieving award

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