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JKC.04 >> Introduction
The Jedi Knights of Canada is a Realist organization whose goal is the development and maintenance of a peaceful society through knowledge, tolerance and understanding. Since 1998, the Jedi Knights of Canada have provided an online facility within the Jedi community where serious-minded individuals who are truly dedicated to the ways of the Force, the Jedi and the Light Side may fully engage in their art, from Force and combat skills, to mentoring and philosophy.
This organization is a strong believer and supporter of Jedi Realism: a term which refers to the use of the Jedi Code and the full meaning of the goals within to better yourself, therefore becoming a better individual in the world as a result of your growth. The path of the Jedi is that of giving to the Earth and those in it. While training to reach the goals of Serenity, Knowledge and Power, you will come to realize that the Dark Side is internal; a metaphor for your own emotional imbalance. There can only be one path if one wishes to call themselves a Jedi: there is Light, or there isn't.
Though the Jedi way is the paradigm by which we teach self-improvement, the knowledge found here is rewarding, regardless of the path you choose to follow.

JKC.04 >> Mission Statement
When one thinks of a 'Utopia', they often associate it with receiving what it is they desire, either materialistically, or spiritually. We who administrate the JKC do not believe this to be the case. A Utopian society is possible, providing one is ready to give all that they can, in the way of compassion. Education and tolerance are key. Knowledge of everything, and understanding of others in their behaviour and beliefs.
Educating Force-sensitive and intelligent individuals who wish to be trained in the Jedi arts, and enlightening them as to our points of view, is the means by which we hope to achieve our end.