"I don't think we should be worried about the Feds anymore. What do you think?" Silence greeted Sonny Corinthos as he waited for his attorney to answer his question. Turning dark eyes upon her, he realized Alexis Davis-Jacks had not heard a word he had said. Not sure if he was amused or annoyed, Sonny opted for sarcasim. "Excuse me, Ms. Davis, is my LIFE interrupting your daydreaming?"
Nearly jumping out of her chair, Alexis turned apologetic eyes to Sonny. "I am sorry Sonny. What were you saying?"
Shaking his head, he rose from his chair and heading for the door to the suite said, "I need to make a couple of phone calls. I'll be back in an hour." Grabbing his coat and nodding at Johnny he left the room and Alexis in stunned silence.
What was wrong with her? Ever since she had woken up in her husband's arms she had been walking around in a daze.
"It's not like we did anything wrong." She thought. Then WHY was she feeling so guilty? And take for instance, that bow on the Christmas Tree! Why in the world would she notice it was the EXACT same color blue as her husbands eyes?
Alexis became annoyed when she realized that she had not moved since Sonny left.This is Ridiculous! What was it about Jax that felt so strangely right? She had told Jax memories she hadn't even told Ned! And that was what scared her. Ned was the love of her life, her equal, her soul mate. So why did she all of a sudden want to talk to Jax about the demons that were haunting her? She had almost told him after awakening from the same nightmare. He had felt so strong and the caring in his eyes has almost caused the fear to spill out. It had only been through years of Cassedine training that she had been able to keep it inside.
The ringing of the phone jolted Alexis out of her thoughts.
"Alexis Davis-Jacks", she said trying to ignore the hope that her husband would be on the other end.
"Hey Beautiful! Have time to cheat on your husband?"
"Ned! Where are you?"
"Well, I'm at the gatehouse and Chloe is going to a meeting. Something to do with buying fabics or buttons or somthing. I quit listening after I realized that would leave me with an hour free." Deepening his voice to a sexy purr he added, "So I'm on my way!"
"No wait!" Alexis said, "Ned, I'm sorry but you can't. Sonny is coming back anytime now. We have to work on his case, then I have to run over to the courthouse to make sure everything is ready. I just don't have the time right now." she said.
When he didn't answer immediately, Alexis was afraid he'd hung up already.
"Ned?" she asked.
"I'm here," He said in a confused voice, "Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm sorry." She answered.
"Well, Ok. We'll get together tonight sometime, Ok?"
"Sure that would be great." She said
"Well, I'll let you get to work. I love you."
Alexis smiled softly, "Me too!"
Hanging up the phone, she heaved a sigh of relief only to frown as the phone rang again.
"Alexis Davis-Jacks" She retorted.
"Hey Wife!" came a sultry voice with an Austrialian accent. "Free for lunch?"
Slowly the frown turned into a beaming smile, "Why, what did you have in mind?" She asked.
"I've got a surprise, I'm on my way" and he hung up the phone.
Chuckling, Alexis hung up the phone, oddly excited with the prospect of having lunch with one Jasper Jacks.
Suddenly a thought hit her. One that stopped the intelligent attorney in her tracks. And with that thought came another. Groaning she put her head in her hands and sinking onto the couch said, "Oh no!! How did THIS happen?"