Jax, "Bad dream." Alexis looked over at the man who was her friend and husband and asked, " You had a bad dream about what, Are you thinking about Jerry?" You know Jax, Jerry will land on is feet and I am sure you will see him again."

Jax could not believe it, she was worried about him when she was the one who was having the nightmares and he knew that she was in pain. Jax moved over a little and relaxed the hold he had on her and said ,"No wife of mine you were having a bad dream." Jax took hold of her face and looked into her eyes and told her that she was safe and that it would be OK. Alexis looked at Jax but the fear and pain was still there and simply said, "Thanks".

Jax sat up and asked Alexis if she wanted to talk about it. She said no and Jax realized that it was not the time to push. Jax was about to get up realizing the situation when Alexis looked him over and realized that Jax was dressed. Alexis asked Jax about his attire. Jax informed Alexis that he could not sleep and was going to go jogging to relax. Alexis just smiled, Jax realized that she was exhausted and that she needed to sleep and told her to relax and that he would stay until she feel asleep.

Alexis whispered something but Jax could not hear, he leaned over and smelled the honeysuckle shampoo she used and gently touched her hair, when Jax realized what he was doing he stopped and asked her what she had said.

Alexis was recalling the past. When I was a little girl, I loved Christmas. My mom and I would always have a big beautiful tree with beautiful gold and silver bows. There would be lots of gifts under the tree and there would always be music. I could hear my mother voice from anywhere in our home. She loved me and I loved her and Christmas was special. Jax could see that Alexis was reliving a happy time in her life. Alexis leaned into Jax putting her head on his heart and continued. I remembered one year when I was a little girl, I had a beautiful green velvet dress and a beautiful white coat trimmed with gold and we went sleigh riding. The sleigh were pulled by these chestnut horses and bells were ringing and we were laughing. The trees Jax looked so big and there were filled with snow and we caught snowflakes on our tongues. I was happy, I was so happy. Jax saw that Alexis was drifting off to sleep. She seemed like a carefree little girl with such joy expressed on her face when she was discussing her mom and that Christmas of long ago. What was Christmas like for you Jax?

Jax recalled the past. Once Dad strike it rich, Christmas was a blast. You know we did it Jacks style. We would all go out and pick a tree and cut it down and decorate it. There would be an overload of presents for Jerry and I. Dad I think was trying to make sure his sons and wife always had the best and everything. Jerry also would always give me something special. "Something special for my little brother.", he would always say. He always knew what I really wanted and I got it. Jerry would always make Christmas extra special for me. Jax leaned back and remembered Christmas past and how easy and joyful life was when he was young. Even before Dad hit it rich Jerry always made sure that day was special for him and mom. Alexis as she was drifting off said this year it will be special again for I will be spending it with my family. Jax realized that Alexis was sleeping in his arms. Jax did not want to move, she was comfortable and if he thought about it so was he.

Alexis last thought as deep sleep overcame her was she was safe and that Christmas this year would be Grand and Jax last thought was that he would talk to Luke first thing in the morning and get to the truth about Alexis mom to help her deal with her past and to make sure that Christmas for his wife would be one that she would never forget. The Jacks feel asleep safe in each other arms when outside the window a light snow had began to fall on Port Charles.