Camp Jaxis Newsletter

Well, it's time for our 1st ever Camp Jaxis Newsletter. We are pleased to announce that as of this moment we have 41 campers. Our page counter has rocketed to over 700 hits in our first Camp week. This is more than we ever expected. We are welcoming new campers everyday. Thank you all for joining and for your Jaxis devotion.

Here is the campers that have joined in our first week:

Tiffany, Toukie, L.J., Maria, Monique, Nancy, Shauna, Maggie, Delencia, Shermin, Karen, Pam O, Christina, Wendy, Jeny, Rabet, Valeria, Annmarie, Beatrice, Erika, Laura, Jill, Crystal, Kelly, Victoria, Becca, Kelle, Lizz, Kim, Tina, Jen, Judy, Caryn, Diane, Kristin, Tracy, Carin, Rhoda and Tammy

What's New???

We now have a Camp Roster ( ) Here you can find out a little about your fellow campers. There webpages, favorite jaxis moments and club status.

Camp Jaxis Theme Song Writing Contest -- We are going to need a Camp Jaxis Theme Song. We are thinking it should be a regular Camp Song with words changed to fit into the Jaxis theme. If your song is selected, you will recieve a Jaxis scrapbook, the 2 Jaxis Compilation Video tapes and it will be announced in the newsletter and on the campfire page. Send all entrys to

Birthday Card Exchange: If you would like to be on a list of people who send and recieve online greetings to other campers on their birthdays. Send your name, email address and B-day to
Tracy , our Jr. Pillow Fight Counselor, with the sole responsibility of letting the campers that are interested in exchanging on-line greetings on birthdays with other campers know when campers b-days are.

Camp Infirmary ( ) -- Please check out the infirmary and caption the picture of the week. Our Camp Nurse Jeny will be picking the best caption submitted and posting it on the site

Camp Crafts Cabin ( ) -- Do you have a Jaxis creation you'd like added to the crafts cabin please send it to the Crafts Cabin Counselor.

Camp Jaxis Onelist: ( ) This will be a list for those campers choosing to discuss Jaxis at times other than chats, and wanting to get to know each other better. It will be the Discussion Cabin. Its not a requirement for the camp, its just another cabin that if you'd like to join in on you can. I personally think this will be a great addition to the camp. Thanks Toukie!!! -- This list is for member only.

Camp Jaxis Message Boards: ( at Yahoo Club) If you haven't signed on to the Camp Jaxis Yahoo Cluband checked out the message board, we've been having lots of fun. So check them out and join in.

Camp Jaxis Joint Fic: (at Yahoo Club)Toukie one of our Sr. Reading Cabin Counselors is starting the joint fic any day now. She'll post the 1st chapter and its up to the rest of us to write the rest. When we have a few chapters written they will be put up on a webpage and advertised on PCO. So check frequently to see if the chapter has been written, and write the next chapter if you can.

We Need Your Help???

We are very happy to announce that quite a few of our club positions have been filled. We still have plenty of positions open so if you are interested please e-mail us with what job you are interested in:

Camp Counselors: These campers would be in charge of smaller camp groups when the camp becomes larger. The Camp will be split into cabins. They will be responsible for making a webpage about their cabins.

Crafts Cabin Counselor: In charge of adding club member's Jaxis creations to the Crafts Cabin. And adding more pages as needed.

Camp Storekeeper: In charge of keeping the store page up to date. In charge of bringing ideas of things to sell submitted by club members before the board.

Nature Guide Cabin Counselor: In charge updating charity webpage area and coming up with ideas for how our club can support these charitys.

Pillow Fight Cabin Counselors: 2 or 3 Campers that come up with Jaxis Campaigns to get GH to give Jaxis a chance. They would come up with ideas for gifts to give Ingo and Nancy as a camp. They would come up with activities for the whole club. They would also be Camp Chat Leaders. One would have to be in attendance at any Camp Jaxis chat to help moderate the chat.

Campfire Leader: This camper would be in charge of posting any Jaxis Song Parody's or regular songs that remind us of Jaxis on to webpages. They would also post the
Camp Jaxis Theme Song.

Camp Newsletter Seeking Editor: If you are interested in receiving all Camp News and sending out a Weekly Camp Newsletter. Email
Deanna . You would be sent by all staff members, whats new in there area of the camp. Chat rundowns, new campaigns, new members to welcome. Tons of info. You will compile it into a weekly camp newsletter that you'd write. If you have knowledge of web design you could then put it up on an archive page. If not, it will be done for you. This is a big responsibility. If there are
2 of you that would like to do it together, let us know. Thanks

Welcome our New Club Officers:

Directors: LisaQ and Deanna
Reading Cabin Counselors: Monique and Toukie
Jr. Reading Cabin Counselor: Maggie and Wendy
Camp Gatekeeper: L.J. and Crystal
Camp Pillow Fight Couselor: Shauna
Jr. Pillow Fight Counselor: Tracy
Camp Nurse: Jeny
Camp Lifeguard: Tiffany
Counselor - Jill
Jr. Counselor - Annmarie, Valleria and Erika

I would like to thank all of them for their eagerness to join and take on responsibilities so quickly.

Opening Campfire

The opening camfire was more interesting and greater than I anticipated. Toukie, Tiffany and I (Deanna) were the first one's there. We discovered that the early bird gets the worm here at Camp Jaxis, and those Campers coming early to the chat were able to participate in our Pre-Campfire Waterfight. Lisa and Jill joined us, and soon we were taking sides. Needless to say the wood got a litle wet and it took us a little while to get the campfire going. More campers joined and we started to "roast marshmallows" (chloe-bash) We had great fun. We started to sing songs around the campfire. "If Jaxis makes you smile clap your hands" and others. Somehow we got talking about our favorite moments and lines that Jaxis have had. We all agreed that Popcorn Days, 2 hug day before Jax went to Greece, Docks Kisses, and Tuesday's 33 second after Jerry leaves dock scene were our fav's. We had so much fun discussing our favorite lines and realized just how obsessed we are. We took a moment to discuss who'd get to see Jax, cause he was tied up in a cabin. We admired NLG, and the chemistry she has with everyone. We had a small rivalry going on between the Luke Lovers, and the Stefan Lovers, but it was all in good fun. We also came up with the idea of the Camp Jaxis onelist. (See add above) We had so much fun. We can't wait for our next chat.

NEXT CAMPFIRE: Tuesday Dec. 21st at 6:30 pm Pacific -- If you would like to suggest a time for a weekly chat. A time when you think you'd be able to come. Email Deanna

Yahoo Club

You need to join the Yahoo Club to be able to enjoy the camp message board, chat at camp chats, or participate in the all camp fic.

Go to :
Yahoo: Camp Jaxis or --- click on join the club. This is a very important part of the club, so please join ASAP. The message boards have been great so far, so join us

Once again thanks for joining Camp Jaxis. We hope you will love it here.

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