Camp Jaxis:
Lifeguard Cabin

How to join the club:

Camp Jaxis is going to be one of the coolest on-line clubs around. We are devoted to Jaxis and know that there are others just like us that want to see Jaxis become the next super-couple of GH. If you'd like to join us as an active club member please fill out the FORM and be sure to note in the required field that you'd like to JOIN AS A SENIOR CAMPER. If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of the club but don't have much time to be an active club member you can also fill out the FORM, but chose to sign up AS A JUNIOR CAMPER. We encourage all Jaxis fans to join.

If you would like to check out the list of campers, go to the roster.

If you have signed up as a Senior Camper, you are elligible for a club office. The only offices currently open are:

Crafts Cabin Counselor: In charge of adding club member's Jaxis creations to the Crafts Cabin. And adding more pages as needed.

Camp Storekeeper: In charge of keeping the store page up to date. In charge of bringing ideas of things to sell submitted by club members before the board.

Nature Guide Cabin Counselor: In charge of finding out about Ingo and Nancy's favorite charities and finding links to their charity websites and charity donation addresses

Camp Counselors: These campers would be in charge of smaller camp groups when the camp becomes larger. The Camp will be split into cabins. They will be responsible for making a webpage about their cabins.

Campfire Leader: This camper would be in charge of posting any Jaxis Song Parody's or regular songs that remind us of Jaxis on to webpages. They would also post the Camp Jaxis Theme Song.

Camp Newsletter Seeking Editor: If you are interested in receiving all Camp News and sending out a Weekly Camp Newsletter. You would recieve from all staff members, whats new in there area of the camp. Chat rundowns, new campaigns, new members to welcome. Tons of info. You will compile it into a weekly camp newsletter that you'd write.

To apply for one of these offices E-mail the Camp Jaxis Co-Directors.

If you think of another necessary club cabin that you would like to run, or if you have any questions about the offices listed, e-mail the Camp Jaxis Co-Directors. We will bring it before the Camp Board.

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