Camp Jaxis Infirmary

The Camp Jaxis Poll!
What is your favourite Jaxis moment?
Their Vegas Wedding
Them Spending Christmas Together Plane Crash in the Sahara
Alexis Comforting Jax When Jerry Was In The Hospital
Alexis Comforting Jax When Jerry Was Laundering Money
All Of The Above!
What Do You Think Jax Should Get Alexis For Valentines Day?
Box Of Candy
Microwave Popcorn
A Hallmark Card
A Better Wedding Ring
A Big Fat Kiss!
What's your favourite Camp Jaxis Cabin/Section?
Crafts Cabin
Reading Cabin
Nature Guide's Cabin
Pillow Fight Cabin
Camp Store
Camp Gate
Directors Cabin
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Camp Jaxis Infirmary  

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a cure from JAXIS withdrawl

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