Care of Holland Lops
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Care of Holland Lops

You can learn alot about Care of Hollands here, but we also have another site dedicated to the General Care. Please visit the site by clicking on the link. When you are done, click back on your browser to return here.

Holland Lop Care

Rabbit Care Instructions

Feeding Adults:

It is really important not to over feed your rabbit. It should be fed one ounce of pellets per pound of rabbit. For example a three pound rabbit should be fed 3 ounces of pellets. A four pound rabbit should get 4 ounces of pellets. Do NOT over feed your rabbit!!

Feed your rabbit in the following way

Every morning : rabbit pellets Every evening: handful of OAT HAY or TIMOTHY Feed them the same time each day!

Changing the Feed Brand

To avoid your rabbit getting sick because of changing feed brands abrubtly do as follows:

Days 1 and 2 feed only the old food. Then gradually add a small amount of the new food to the old food and mix together. This should take 5 days. DO NOT CHANGE OVER TOO QUICKLY!

Any food left over at the end of the should be dumped,because it gets stale. Store feed in air tight containers.

Note: Rabbits do beg for food and give you the puppy dog begging look. Just remeber you are doing them a favor by not over feeding them.

Water: Make sure the rabbit has clean cool water at all times.


Give a treat NO MORE THAN 3 TIMES A WEEK. They can have 1/2 piece of wheat bread, piece of banana (thatís the fav) piece if apple, peice of carrot, and carrot tops, parsley, blackberry, camfrey, and strawberry leaf. FEED ONLY ONE

They can not have : lettuce , broccoli, califlower, cabbage or anything thatís high in water or acid content.


Rabbits love toys to play around with. Here are recomended toys: canning jar screw rings, a small rawhide ball, a clean rock, whiffel golf balls, baby bath balls, cat toy balls .

Cage Size

A 24Ē by 24Ē cage for a Holland/Fuzzy Lop, and a 24Ē by 30Ē for a breeding doe. The bigger the better!


If droppings are soft and or the rabbit is not eating find out why. Feed the rabbit only oat hay for a day. If it still doesnít look right call your vet.

If your rabbit is constantly pulling on the wire, give it a block of untreated wood from preferably a fruit tree. Dry out the wood for a few days before giving it to the rabbit.

If your rabbit is constanly scratching you, clip itís nails regulary. If you canít do it yourself, take it to the vet and get it done.

Make sure you handle your rabbit correctly. Always supprt itís hind feet and rump.

Questions and Answers

Do rabbits need regular vaccinations? NO

Can rabbits be house trained? YES. There are training manuals (books) avaliabe at most pet stores.

Where can I buy rabbit food/supplies? Pet Stores, feed stores, even Safeway. Make sure you stick to the same brand or gradually change over. Check out prices. If you buy the pellets at Half Moon Bayís Feed and Fuel store the food is something like 27 cents a pound. If you buy it at Safeway for instance it costs a little over a dollar a pound, plus it isnít as fresh. Also judge how much food youíll need. If you have one or two rabbits only buy a small amount at a time because it will spoil.

Do I have to brush my rabbit frequently? YES and NO. Depending on the breed. If you have a holland, brush it occationally. If you have a Fuzzy brush it every other day to prevent major knots.