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Holland Lop Rabbits

This is some information on Holland Lop Rabbits from the Offical ARBA Book of Standards.

The Holland Lop should be small, maximum weight is 4lb., ideal weight is 3lbs. It should be upright and short bodied. It should look massive and muscular and chunky. Holland Lops should have massive bone. Their feet and shoulders should be wide and chunky looking. The head should be large (but in proportion to it's body), the head should be boxy and very wide. There should be lots of width between the eyes and it should have well filled cheeks. The crown should be very wide and the animal should have no ear control. Hollands come in many colors. The most popular colors are tort, black, sable point, siamese sable, blue, blue tort, chinchilla and chestnut aguti. All of these colors may be broken.


  • -rabbits that have ears that go more than horizontal to their head (ear control
  • -malloclusion (bad teeth)
  • -white toenails on soild colored rabbits
  • -cataracts
  • -curable defects (such as hutch burn)
  • -absence of a "butterfly," eye circles, or ear color on a broken patterned rabbit
  • -split penis
  • -white hairs on solid colored rabits