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United States Coast Guard

HH65A Dauphin

This is a Big Page!! Its worth it! Let it Load!!

My thanks to the USCG Dauphin crew from San Francisco for putting up with me

and opening up all the panels I wanted!

Photos taken by me 29Jul01


Nosewheel, towbar on axle and twin pitot probes

Notice the FOD guards at inlets. Color is Coast Guard International Orange.

Tailboom Junction. Lots and Lots of small details such as the

cowling clips *typical Aerospatial*, EPU exhaust, floatation bag cover, etc

#2 Engine, Lycoming LTS 101 typical installation.

Engine access doors open halfway for preflight check, taken from below looking up.

Interior view of cabin, looking at crew seat, in from right side door out thru

left. Seat is able to spin 180 when unlocked and can slide on a track side to side.

Missile Shaped orange dart thing is a droppable beacon.

central crewseat. mounted on turntable with tracks to slide side to side.

Crash axe directly in front attached to CP seatback, covered in red plastic cover.

thats the ligth control unit with the coiled cord at lower left.

pilot's seats and gear bags. Assorted contrls and such. Twin yellow handles are

common Aerospatiale throttles with black start buttons. No FLIR installed.

avionics and Circuit breaker stuff. Thats the Beacon behind the crewmans chiar.

looking aft from left side door

Back wall, PJ jump seat and the litter, etc in the storage compartment.

Searchlight control unit just to side of co pilots seat. notice crash axe.

Baggage compartment

upper cabin detials. cockpit flat black to the door frames rest of cabin grey

similar to FS 35327. Notice that seatbelts are NOT folded, they are hung in the

cieling for easy access!

Radar/radio compartment. the crewchief's words--"man, if you can

make that, you da man!"

Primer is Aerospatial Chloroprom Primer. Very similar to Russian greyblue-green

Another view of the same compartment. Battery to right, connector is the blue thing on top (taken off for

ground safety). Radar is swung out of the way on the left.Circuit breakers along the bottom of the bulkhead.

Nose swings up and away, held in place with two supports.

Turtleback is painted white, and is open to airflow. Notice the mast thru the rectangular opening.GPS antenna mounted inside of there.

Head is light dove grey, blades are a medium dark grey with a hint of green. metallic

erosion strips.Blade colors are red, yellow (master blade) blue and Green.

Odd view. This is landing gear bay, left side. Camera laying on ground looking UP and INBOARD into bay.

main strut is forward (left), retract strut is visible. Bottom of picture is belly, top of

picture is left side of fuse.Wheels hang straight down from gear bay. LG doors have been removed from service.


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Created 29Jul01