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Several times a week Bill Champion puts out a Christian devotional called Tidbits. Tidbits contains Christian devotions, clean humor, and challenging & touching stories. Bill keeps an archive of his favorites at the Tidbits Archive. Listed below you will find some of my favorite stories and poems.

If you would like to be ADDED to the Tidbits mailing list, send an e-mail to with "Subscribe to Tidbits" in the subject line or you can go to his Champions for Christ webpage and simply click on a button to be added.

Big Feet - Bigger Heart

The Blue Ribbon

The Coolest Dad in the Universe

Don't Let it End This Way

The Girl with the Rose

The Gold Box

His Name is Bill

How Much an Hour?

Information Please


The Last Day of School

The Legend of the Dogwood Tree

The Mission

The Pearls

The Praying Hands

The Rich Family in Church

A Sandpiper to Bring You Joy

Sixth Sense

Smell the Rain

The Stranger

Three Little Trees

What About Abstinence?

Who will you be held accountable for?

The Willing Heart