The Mission

by Wes Neal

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      Thanks for your request to receive information on how to know the mission God has for you. It's my desire that, as you read this story based on Matthew 25:14-30, God will help you understand that special mission. A mission only you can do.

      The purpose of the On the Road With Jesus series of e-mails is to help you learn from Jesus Himself how to pursue your mission. From time to time, on your journey through the e-mails, special e-mails like this will be sent to you at your request. Each e-mail will tie in with the episode for that day.

      Once upon a time, there was a small kingdom unlike any other. It had no physcial boundaries as other kingdoms had. In fact, the citizens of this kingdom lived and worked in towns and villages scattered throughout the land.
      Their king was also different from all other rulers. He had a reputation for love and integrity throughout the world. And he was deeply loved by his subjects. Loved perhaps because his greatest satisfaction in ruling was to do things for his people. He cried with them when they were sad, and he celebrated with them when they were happy. Best of all, he showed them by his own lifestyle how to rely on God for every detail of life. He taught them how to live what he called the "abundant life."
      Interestingly, everything he said always proved to be true. So, when he beckoned his people to come to their retreat high on a mountain for a special meeting, they quickly stopped what they were doing, and came running. Within a short time all the citizens of this kingdom were hiking up the mountain trails.
      The king stood at the top of the mountain as they gathered. And, as was his custom, he walked among his people, greeting them one by one calling them each by name. He warmly embraced each one, looked in their eyes, and told them he loved them.

      No one could doubt his love.

      Then he motioned for everyone to sit on the grassy slope. Once they sat, he began to speak.
      "I will be going away for a while," he said, "and I have an important mission for each of you."
      It was like a dark cloud suddenly overshadowed them. No one was happy with the news that their king was going away, and they listened all the more intently.
      "As you know," he continued, "the things I tell you come directly from our heavenly Father. What makes our kingdom so wonderful is that we rely on Him for everything. In reality, this kingdom is His kingdom. Yes, you listen to my words as your king, but all of my words come directly from Him. So as you do what I tell you to do, you are actually following the leading of our heavenly Father."
      The people all nodded in agreement.
      "Now, my friends, it is our heavenly Father's wish that I leave you for awhile. It is part of the plan to build His kingdom, to build it into a kingdom that will show people throughout the entire world what a great God He is, and how much He loves them."
      A concerned young man called out, "But how can we possibly build this kingdom without you being here? "You're our leader!"
      "Oh, I will be with you, but not in the way I have been. You see, up until now I have been limited by my physical body. I can only be one place at a time. But when I leave, my Father will send to each one of you my Spirit.
      "Although you won't be able to see me, you will be able to talk to me, and I to you.I will bring to your remembrance my words you have stored in your heart. Yes, I will be with you spiritually just as certainly as I am now with you physically.
      "Though you can't see the wind, you know it is present. You see what it does. And though you won't be able to see me, you will see what I do through you. You will sense my presence."
      "You really will be with us?" beamed the young man.
      "Yes, I will be with you.
      "Now, listen carefully, I am giving each of you a special mission - a mission only you can do - to help build our Father's kingdom. No one else can do what I want you to do. Only you can do it. If you don't do it, your particular mission won't get done."
      "What is our mission?" called out a young lady.
      "Your mission is to build this kingdom, to bring more people into it. And there are four ways I want you to do it. Engrave these four ways on your mind. Think about them everyday, talk about them among yourselves, and encourage each other in doing them!"
      "First, in partnership with me, I want you to love your friends, relatives, neighbors, and everyone with whom you come into contact. Put their interests ahead of your own. Wherever you are, at work, at school, at play, I want you to let my love flow through you to them! That's how they will know right away that you are part of our Father's kingdom, by the love you and I have for them.
      "Second," he continued, "I want you to use the talents I will give you to help other people as an ex-pression of our love for them. As I speak to you right now, I am giving each of you certain talents and special interests. I want you to partner with me in using these talents and interests to help other people.
      "To some of you I have just given a keen business instinct. To others I have just given physical prowress. To still others I have given building skills, artistic talents, and organizational skills. The different talents and interests I have just given each of you are too numurous to mention right now. But, count on it, I have given each of you at least one talent to use in helping others.
      "Later, as you go about your activities, one way you can know what talent I have given you is to ask this question: 'What interests me the most?' Your answer to that question will help reveal the talents I have just given you. As you pursue your interests, your talents will surface."
      "But, what about me?" a man in his thirties called out. "I've never been gifted in anything. How can I help build the kingdom?"
      The king smiled and walked over to where the man was sitting. He stooped down to look the man square in the eyes, and asked, "Does anything interest you?"
      "Yes sir, for some reason, I'm interested in gardening."
      "That's the talent I have given you to use to help others," the king replied, still smiling.
      As he stood up, he looked out over his people.
      "Don't ever compare yourself with anyone else. Don't ever feel I have short-changed you. I have given you exactly what I want you to have. So use what you have to help others on your mission to build our kingdom. Don't wish for something else. Now listen to me carefully. As you use what I have given you to help others, I will richly reward you."
      "Third," the king said as he continued to walk among his people, "as you help others with your talents as an expression of our love, I want you to give them this message.
      "Tell each person: 'God loves you, and He wants to enjoy close fellowship with you.' Then explain to each person how to come into this close fellowship with God by accepting me, and following in my steps, just as each of you did and are doing!
      "Do you understand this message I want you to give to each person?"
      In unison, the people nodded, "We understand."
      "And the fourth thing?" a maiden asked. "What's the fourth thing you want us to do?"
      "I want you to teach everyone who accepts me and, thus, enters into our kingdom, the things I have taught you. I want you to pass on to them the samewords of life."
      Again, everyone nodded with understanding.
      Then silently, in their hearts, they each committed themselves to carry out the mission their king had just given them: The mission to build the kingdom four specific ways.
      They watched as their king turned and started down the mountain trail. Looking back at his people, he shouted, "Keep alert! I will return one day. And when I come back, I want each of you to give me an account as to what you did with the talents I gave you to carry out your mission. On that day I will reward you!"
      Then he waved to them, turned, and continued down the mountain. Even as he disappeared from their sight, the people sensed his presence even greater than when he had just been standing among them.

      The people of this kingdom without boundaries immediately went to work, each partnering with the king to carry out their mission. They discovered they were more fulfilled than they had been in anything they had ever done before. Each day they creatively used their talents and interests to touch the lives of others.
      Some people carried out their mission just in a private partnership with their king. Others did it with family members and friends, together in partnership with their king. No matter how they did it, each one sensed the presence of their king as he continued to produce results through them. They enjoyed talking with him throughout the day, as he guided and helped them.
      And their kingdom kept growing in number.

      But, unfortunately, not everyone took their mission seriously. Not everyone obeyed the king. There were some who selfishly used their talents to pursue their own interests. They helped others only if those people would help them in return. They were not following in the steps of the king.
      Then one day, just as he had promised, the king returned. His loyal followers were thrilled and rushed in one accord to greet him. However, the selfish ones who squandered their talents and interests on themselves were afraid.
      The king immediately sent word for all of his people to meet him on the mountain. He was pleased as he stood at the top watching his people come running, more people than ever before. He spoke to them by name as he warmly greeted each one.
      Then he said, "For the next several days I want each of you to come to my house to give an account as to how you used your talents to build our Father's kingdom. At that time, I will reward you for carrying out your mission."
      One by one the people came, each giving their account.
      One reported, "Sir you gave me the ability to be a fine cook. I opened a bakery, and I gave all of my day-old bread to the poor. That gave me an opportunity to give your message to them also, and several are now in our kingdom. I have made sure they are being trained in your ways."
      The king was tremendously pleased. "You have done well. Now for your reward, I am giving you a position of honor in my Father's kingdom. Yes, you will now help me as I rule!"
      Another reported, "You gave me an unusual interest in my family. I have spent the last few years giving myself totally to them, and helping each of them walk in your ways. Each of them now has a family, and they are continuing the same thing. In fact, many of their family members are also now in your kingdom. And they're reaching out to their friends."
      The king smiled broadly and replied, "What a wonderful way to use your talent as a family person. You have multipled it many times. As a reward, you will also rule with me in my Father's kingdom."
      One by one, each came and gave a similar happy report. Auto mechanics, archeticts, plumbers, secretaries, teachers, athletes, politicians, clerks, lawyers, ministers, construction workers, corporate executives, the disabled, they all came. Everyone felt such a sense of fullfillment!
      Then, one person sheepishly stood before the king with his head hanging low. "What's wrong, my friend?" the king asked. "You look so embarrassed."
      "Well, you see, I used the talent you gave me mainly for my own pleasure. I thought if I was content with life, others would see my contentment and begin to ask me questions.Then I would certainly have given them your message."
      "And how did that work out?"
      "Not very well, I was never really content. I kept thinking my contentment in life would come just around the corner."
      "And it never came?" asked the king.
      "No sir, it never came."

      At that, the king's familiar smile turned into a frown.

      "Don't you realize that true contentment is following in my steps, doing as I would do, carrying out the mission to build my Father's kingdom? You are not my friend after all," the king said angrily. "You never really committed yourself to follow in my steps. You only gave me lip service. Now remove yourself from my presence. This kingdom is only for people who love God and are committed to follow me!"

      The poor soul sadly turned and walked away. He walked past all the king's subjects standing in line, each eagerly waiting to give their report.
      The unusual kingdom become known throughout the world as the Kingdom of God. It was like a city on a mountain, glowing in the dark for all to see. A city in which love and truth lit up the world. Yes, it was a kingdom without boundaries, ruled by Jesus Christ and his loyal subjects who were committed to follow in his steps - loyal subjects who had taken their mission seriously.

      May your on-the-road-journey with Jesus help you learn how to pursue God's particular mission for you.

      Remember, it's a mission only you can do.

      And God has equipped you to do it!

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