Jerry Senear

I walked once
out beyond my reach,
to forests
ancient wisdom's teach,
and wandering
in the light of day,
I thought
perchance I'd found my way,
and oh the wonder
of new things,
the wisdom that
the ancient brings,
But oh alas
the night must come,
and come it came
absent the sun,
and in the night
and all alone,
bereft of sight
without a home,
and kneeling down
beside the sea
of ancient arcane mystery,
I saw the dawn
was nearly near,
and all the things
I once held dear,
were gone
absorbed in forest glade,
and all the progress
I had made,
was lost for
I had lost myself,
inside my search
for carnal wealth.

If I am God
where sprung the tree,
sans the ancient mystery?

If I am God
where is the day
and why now
have I lost my way?

If I am God,
the morrow near,
why the overwhelming fear?

If I am God
and I am all,
why then hear
the clarion call?

If I am God
then speak to me,
from whence
and where
then sprung
the tree?