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      The Cameron Columns not always relevant or even funny, but it's always a FREE Internet Newsletter with modest amounts of humor brought to you by W. Bruce Cameron in what might be the Most Important Development in Communication since the Invention of the Grunt! Probably not, though.. Did we mention it doesn't cost anything? Plus, it's low in fat and sugar! Did you ever think life was going to be this good? If you are not a subscriber, please consider joining the intelligent humans who are!

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      Those of you who read the Wall Street Journal may have noticed that re-arranging some of the letters of the front page can result in the message, "Subscribe to the Cameron Column." (Really, try it!) While we appreciate the support of that famous publication, we need your help too. Please encourage your friends and enemies to subscribe to the Cameron Column. You have our permission to pay hefty bribes, use threats, and make unrealistic promises to do this. Our goal is to have ten million subscribers by the end of the year! (This goal provided to all of you who might not know what we meant by "unrealistic.") Thank you!

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