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Stuff Unlimited

Yes, I have decided to start doing announcements again and am trying to keep this mound of overflowing old material updated.
Hmm hmm~ where to start???
Well, Im officially published for those of who who I hage regretfully neglected to share the news with. It wasent' personaly~ I promise. I also was accepted into a prestigious writing college that only 13% of applicants are accepted into. Yaya for me. I, however, turned down the opportunity.
My hair at the moment is burgundy with ebony chunks in it. I have a "recent" pic up ( click the last link on this page) The hair color is not the same in the pic~ but this is the most recent pic I have up.
I have updated a few things within the pages~ just take a look around and see for yourself.

Thanks everyone!!
Love, Brookie
Also~ there is a new quote one the sequel page~ last one on there~ I thought it was awesome and it spoke volumes to me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
I have recieved emails in regards to the scrolls page while visiting the pixie page. The Pixie Page as advertised is not my doing. It belongs to another person therefore I cannot fix the broken scrolls. Please email the owner of the page by going there via the link and clicking on their email.
As far as the 'Zine in concerned~ its on leave. My staff quit for the moment and we are working on getting new staff members. Send all applications to the email at the bottom. No charge for this one
If you'd like to contact me~ please send $3.00 and a SASE to the e-mail address at the bottom of your screen.

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