I pray God shines in your life in 2006 as he most definitely shines in mine.
That's where my screen name came from susy shines. God has been so good to me, I fooled around a long time before I trusted the lord. I was an atheist 25 yrs married to a Christian all them years, raised 7 children in a Christian home and I never knew the Lord....fooled a lot of people but i didn't fool the Lord ....

The last few years have been total hell. I was a computer whore. I had cyber sex with any bisexual man that needed me talk dirty to him; also enjoyed being with cross dressers. My husband knew that I cyber with men see I thought it was a game. My husband asked me to quit doing it so that meant now I had to hide it, which started all the lies. I cant believe I'm telling you all this but i want you to see how God has worked in my life.

December 25, 2004 is the day I started getting sick. By February I had pneumonia 3 times. The doctor found out my heart was growing with copd, sugar diabetes I was really sick. June I had my first heart attack. By then I was out of cyber sex. I started going into Christian chat rooms I told them all what I thought about being a Christian; I would never be one. I gotta booted all the time. After awhile, they booted me as soon as I came in, I didn't even have to talk. Everyday savedthrufaith would tell me something about jesus. Everyday I said I'll think about it; he said ok. He sent me every verse in the bible, I bet. Then Sunday Oct 23, 2005, this guy I was talking to in chat got suspened, so he IM'd me. He said if you want to talk in a chat room, I'll make a room. So he did and the stuff he was telling me broke my heart.

The next day was Monday, I cried all day. When my husband came home, I was still crying. He said God was working on me. October 25, 2005 2:03 am, superragman led me to the lord.

My life now is soooo different, been saved now 9 weeks 6 days. I have read almost the whole Bible. I'm a prayer warrior, my prayer list is longer then my buddy list. That's how you pray without ceasing, get a big list it will take all day to pray. God has answered a lot of my prayers. I use to be afraid to pray but God took his hand and put words in Jeremiah's mouth and he has to me too. I pray they are not my words, I'm nothing, but with God nothing is impossible.

I even have thoughts now that I belive come from God. Oh, I forgot to tell you that last week I went for my ekg to measure my heart. The doctor said it looks like my heart stopped growing 2 months ago. He said meds are working. I been saved 9 weeks. How many months is that ???? You figure it out...I already did ...PRAISE GOD!

Well this was and is my life God loves you and so do I.


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