Runaway, the lure of the city

Heather's story


Every Casino has its own form of entertainment for the people who come there. The majority of Casinos have bands who come from all over the country raising money to pursue their aspirations in the music industry. While most of the time "we who were paid for" remained in the privacy of the "High Roller" suites, we were often taken down to the Casinos as "window dressing" where the men spent big money. The bands would play their music, and when they were done, they hit the tables, the drinks, and the women.

Those who go to Casinos, the Indian Casinos and other places where gambling is the name of the game, and say " there is nothing wrong with it, that its not a sin", lie to themselves. How can anyone entering any house of ill refute who is a true Christian say its ok? I will never believe there is any person who does not know or is not aware these are places where every sin on earth is committed daily. Prositution, drug dealings, Adultry, fornication, stealing ..... every single commandment is broken in these places save none! There are hearts broken everyday, spirits crushed, minds controlled, familes divided, thousands kept in bondage physically, mentally and emotionally. Money rules over the lives of every man, woman, child. In the Casino there is no God because all is darkness there.

Many young runaways, girls and boys are being forced to be sex slaves, used for lust and greed, many are without hope. This story is written as a warning to all who are being drawn to the "glamour and excitement " of the city. Will you be a part of this?

A Runaways story

Heather was abused by her stepfather, her mom would not listen to her cry for help. She could take no more, she was desperate, when she decided to flee. She ranaway and was picked up into slavery in a city of gambling. For ten years she was forced to be a prostitute, under guard constantly with no chance of escape. This is her story and warning to others who are considering running away.

Used for Lust

They picked me up in a big city two days after I got off the bus. I was 14 years old, no place to go. Here in most big cities if you go to the Bus station, you can sit and watch the buses come in, and you will see in the waiting room,men watching to see who comes off the bus. If they are young girls or boys, alone, they approach them offering help and refuge. You would be so surprised to know how many of us are trapped this way. When my parents kicked me out, I went to the bus station because I thought it would be safe with all the people there.

I was found and taken to a house and I was locked in a room upstairs. Later that evening a man came to see me. I did not know he would be my "boss". He explained to me I had been bought and paid for, and now my body belonged to him. If I tried to escape I would be found and wish I hadn't been found. I was given a very long list of do's and dont's. What a trap they set.

That first time for me is when I lost every hope in life. I died that night, it was the first time i tried to kill myself, but they are ready for this also. You wonder why I tell you all this? I'm thinking maybe if you know where it begins for people like me, it will maybe help you reach others worse then me. lol how can anyone be worse then me ? Then again maybe I just wanted you to know I was not always like this. Chalk it all up to the stupidity of a teenager. Just got caught in the web

If you come across teens thinking of running away, let them know what waits for them out in this world. Not just here but, all across the country. Men and women are paid top dollar to do nothing but sit in bus and train stations waiting for the kids who are alone, runaways. They can spot these kids a mile away. These people also drive the streets looking for those kids carrying suitcases and bags, looking scared. Tell them, let them know this is REAL

Heather's New life

Heather escaped this life that was not of her choosing. She has found a new life in Jesus Christ. Her despair has changed to hope, for Jesus is the way to eternal life. A smile and a heart of joy have replaced the hardened heart and sorrow. Her life is one of reaching out to others, the homeless and the runaways, loving them and caring for them. She is the light that many are seeking. A caring loving person who understands anothers hurts. She leads others to the true light that has come into the world.

John 8:12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

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