Rochelles Testimony
(letter from Rochelles mom)
Our Rochelle is gone now. Passed away a little after 3 am this morning.I promised to send to you the last letter she wrote to you which was written early yesterday morning. Her strength was
almost gone but she typed her letter one key at a time, took her a few hours.  

I wish to thank you for whatever it was you did for our daughter.She was unafraid of death, she died peacefully in sleep. I don't know if being "reborn" is where her peace came from, but I know in the end she will go to heaven.
Thank you to the young girl who made sure Rochelle had email to enjoy each day.  Please pray for Rochelle's soul. God Bless you.
Sincerely,  Rochelle's Mom

Dear Super:

When you receive this letter from me, smile!  It will mean I am with our precious Lord and God in heaven. Praise Him!
My mother promised to send this for me. :)  a last gift from her here on earth.  Wish I had the energy to write everything in my heart. Just too tired. Thank you Super for leading me to the Lord. My heart is at peace and free. I fear nothing in this dying process. Want to encourage you to keep being in those rooms searching for others just like me who knew nothing of what salvation really was.  Just makes me shudder to think how close I was to die not having met our Lord Jesus Christ.  If you go to those rooms every day and find just one person to save in a thousand days, the Lord will surely bless you greatly, to die unsaved is to not have life hereafter.  My joy is sweet, my burden so light. I will look for you in heaven years from now and hug you with so much love for allowing the Lord to use you, and because  you did, we will see and meet in His kingdom.
Sarah has sent me many letters, cards, and love every day. She has made these past days unforgettable with her sense of humor and wisdom, and given me cause for smiling, for tears of joy, and even laughing out loud.  Please thank Sarah for me for giving me a lot of happy moments reading her mail.  I look forward to seeing her in heaven.
May God Bless you and give you His strengths and perseverance in bringing many more to Him.  Thank you Super. I love you.


From the Eaglewings Christian Death Guestbook

Rochelle Monday, 5/29/00, 12:42 AM
I was born, baptized a Catholic, it was all I knew. I depended on Purgatory to get me into Heaven. I am now dying of Leukemia, all efforts to find a match has not happened, my time is up. I was terrifed of dying, did not live the best life, I thought I had years to work my way to heaven and if I died before then, I would go to purgatory, maybe for a thousand years, BUT eventually it would get me into heaven. Even I have prayed for the souls in purgatory, and I knew others would pray for me. But when I realized I am going to die, it became important to me to make sure I would get into heaven. I was terrified of hell. I went in many chat rooms, no one would listen to my question. I decided to try a last time, I needed answers. I gave up, thought no one heard me, but someone did, Superagman heard me and kindly gave me a lot of his time answering every question I had. I discovered there was no purgatory, I could not get into heaven afterall. I was devastated, filled with fear, all hope gone. Then Super told me about being reborn in Jesus Christ. I felt so stupid, I had not heard of this before, he gave me scripture to read, answered more questions, and on May 25, Super led me to the Lord. I've never in my life felt such joy and freedom inside before as I did that day. I had no more questions, I was saved, I am in the arms of the Lord Jesus, I AM GOING TO GO TO HEAVEN WITH THE LORD. I know this is one of the last letters I will write here on earth, the end is close for me now, but I want to say thank you to Super for giving this site to me to read. It is a vision of what is to come for me, the words of God written here bring only the promise of Hope and tell me of the new home soon to be mine. I am not afraid of dying now, I have no fear of the end coming, I am at peace with the Lord, each day a gift preceding the greatest gift yet to come. God bless all the children of God ! God bless my friend Super that the Lord used him to bring me home. I pray for my parents and all those who know nothing of salvation yet. May God touch their hearts, their minds, with the Holy Spirit so they all are saved in the Lord Jesus.


Lord, thank you for this site, I needed this.

I talked to Rochelle's mom in the weeks following her daughter meeting with Jesus. She too received the Lord Jesus Christ by faith.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Thank you Jesus, Superragman

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