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Randy Finds God

I am saved!

Randy's story begins on Feb 18, 2002 with a "hi" in an Internet Christian Chat room.My screen name is superragman.


I can't believe someone finally noticed me.

Will you talk in a private room?


I have been looking for answers for three days, you are the first to notice me.

God shows me people.

Hey, what i want... need.... is to know some truth about God, I have a bad liver... years of drinking, am scared knowing im going to die. Can you help me?


Thank you very much.

I can show you the way

Is it true there is only one way to God?


will you tell me about it?

Yes, It is the word of God, the Bible, in the New Testament.

But only the truth

Always the truth

Thank you

In the New testament...

Sorry, never read the bible

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

It is the bad that scares me, no one can say i am a good person, not even me. I have lived the worst life super, does it mean when i die its the end of who i am? final? over?


What if he does not want me?

He wants you.

I cant tell you how truly sorry i am for living a bad life, no amount of words will say what i feel inside. if God loves me, i would die for him this very moment. i need him more then i need life.

I contined to share the gospel message with Randy and he received the Lord.

Afterwards I shared these verses

Rom 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
Rom 10:10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Its all i ever wanted, just forgiveness for all my wrongs. i can die in peace now.

Thanking God

Feb 24, 2002

Dear Gary:

For all I have read, nothing has touched my heart and soul as the words written here. I wish it were possible to tell you what is happening to me since receiving the Lord. In these very few short days I have learned what forgiveness is, what being humble means, what humility is about, what it means to be gracious, what it means to be loved, and to find myself loving in return. I have learned to be more kind to this soul of mine that has been horribly abused, i have learned to fear God, to obey Him. I have learned how He suffered for all mankind, the power of his love that only God has.

When I left you that night after being saved, i was exhausted, but not from my illness, an exhaustion never felt before, deep inside my heart. I felt this great hope rise up in me, at the same time such shame for the life I had lived. I am grateful and thankful to you for sending all the wonderful sites to read and learn from. The more I have read the happier I am, and now the shame is gone that weighed so heavy on me that night. If i could change just one thing of my past life, it would be to have met the Lord Jesus a long time ago. So little time left to really serve him, and I do feel bad about that. Jesus, the great giver of all time, Randy? only thing left for me is to accept all he gives with my whole heart and be available for any little thing i can do for another in his name.

A consequence for the wild life i have lived? I have lost all my family. How different I see things now. Not because i am dying, but because I will go on living even after death, because i know now how empty my life has been without God in it. Wish my parents could know this.

Thanks Gary for these beautiful lessons you have put online. I read until my eyes close on me, and when I wake each morning tears stream down my face for the priceless gift of one more day. Thanking God? Yes, with full heart and soul.


Final Words

March 20, 2002

dear super.

they tell me its time to take care of all those things one has to do before they die. I think theyre trying to tell me somthing? well not much to take care of. never did much so have little, no one to say goodby to, no one to hug or get a hug from, and sure dont need one of them memorial service because my body would be the only thing there, no one to show up, lol.

Truth is, i write these last words to you with tears pouring down my face for the sadness weighing me down. not sadness for me, a sadness fr the truth my life was, a life busy chasing everybody out of it. I never gave to anybody, life was all about randy, not anyone else. i dont even have any address to write to and ask forgiveness for hurts i caused, cant tell anyone i forgive them either. this suddenly seems so important to me, but too late now, just have to believe somehow they will know this, just leave all of it in Gods hand. he will know what to do.

You have been good to me super, a good friend even though we have not met. many thanks. Just occured to me i do have someone to say goodby to, i have you. lol God does provide all things. goodby my brother in Jesus. i will always remember you and the love, compassion you showed for me when i needed it most. Tomorrow will be the last day to use this good friend the computer, will unplug it, giving it to a family down the street with kids who can use it for school. It has become hard to write now, very tiring. God bless you Super, these last hours i will pray a lot for you and the blessed work you are doing online. God bless your family too.

ps, that didnt hurt at all saying love. :)

Dear Randy:

Hey I am here for you. And rest assured you are not alone. I will tell everyone about my friend Randy that met Jesus in his time of need. Your story will go to many who need to hear another who has received God's grace. I love you brother. If you arrive in heaven before me, wait for me. You will never be alone or sad again. Oh, and we will receive new glorious bodies, and be on a restored earth a thousand years together and then a new place of Gods making, a special place. It's not over, only the pain and sorrow of this life. Jesus is Lord! His blood was shed to bring us to an eternal future of love, togetherness and peace with God. I love you brother...Gary

Final letter

March 20, 2002

dear Gary.
thank you for email. i feel happy you will remember i was once here. I look to God each minute thanking him for choosing me. If i had time left to tell those who do not believe, i would tell each one no matter how bad we lived our life, Jesus died on the cross giving us his hope to start over with sins forgiven, his love covering us, his blood freeing us, and assurance when we die heaven opens its door for us to come in. i would tell them how bad i lived, how i wasted time being angry and hating the world for the abuse done to me as a kid. when we hate and stay angry hurts no one but ourself. God takes the hurt away and replaces it with a peace and joy he always intended each of us to have. without God in our life we wont ever know of his love and peace nor the joy and relief of being forgiven. I was saved such a short time ago but never in my life have i known such a peace and joy as i have since that day of my salvation. God is merciful, compassionate, loving and caring. you cant read Gods word and not grow in faith learning the truths he wants us to know.

God bless you Gary, see you in heaven. :) Love

Entry from the Christian Death Website Guestbook


Sunday, 3/10/02, 1:51 AM

Thank you for this wonderful site on Christian death. I have read it several times, got a lot of peace from the word written here. several weeks ago these words would mean nothing to me. Today the word of God is all I need, it is the food I hunger for, live for each hour of everyday. Thank you Superragman for the Eaglewings site and everything in it. God gave me the greatest gift of Himself. I am humbly walking the path He set this soul on. I will be with our sister Rochelle soon, looking forward to this meeting with no fear, for I do belong to our God who showed mercy on me. I have not known such love as our Lord gives in my life. Thank you Jesus.

Entry in My Testimony Guestbook

Randy - Wednesday, 2/20/02, 11:11 PM

I see in this testimony God gives and he takes away, but what does he take from us? all bad he takes from us, all good he brings to us. Gary, i thank God for the ministry you do here online. Heaven is a place I believed had no room for someone like me. Thanks for showing me how wrong i was and leading me to the Lord. Its great not to be afraid. Bless you.

From: California

An Instant Message received Sunday, March 31

excuse me but are you the superragman who knew a randy?
Can I help you?
i promised randy i would tell you when he died, he asked me to tell you, wrote your name down. i was gettin ready to write you. i set your name in buddy box like he told me to. sorry i am so slow typing.
He has died?
yes, on friday ( March 29 )
He is with our Lord
i hope so.
Yes, no doubt about it
ok. thank you
Are you his friend?
just knew him not long before he learned he was dying.
At the hospital?
he saw my kids, asked if i had a computer
no, lived down the street from him
Yes he spoke of giving his computer to you
he would not take money for the computer, just a favor to tell you when he died so you would know. i promised him to do it.
I have written a testimony page for Randy
He is an awesome guy
what a testimony page? yes he was
His story, how I met him and how God received him
I will send you a link to the page
do you think i could read it sometime?
lol yes
just a minute

Are you a Christian?
no, im not anything
Well read his story and we will talk
okay, if it is not a bother.
no bother
Its in the email

dont know what to say. its so beautiful. i had no idea he was hurting inside like he was, and at the end? so much peace. i cant stop crying, feeling really stupid.
i need to go take care of the baby. thanks a lot for letting me read about randy.
Ohhh that is good
He is talking to you

who is?
Can we talk again?
His life...
He said "my life was a waste"

do you want to? i mean, wont it be a bother?
I promised that others would hear his story
No bother
You can receive what Randy has
i thank you for that. i would like that.
I will
i will see you again. ok?
I lead people to Jesus
oh thats how you did randy?
Yes I answered his questions from the Bible And God through his promises received Randy

thank you superragman.
Thank you for telling me of Randy...later

Saturday, April 20, 2002 Randy's neighbor received the Lord Jesus.

Memorial Poem

A broken heart lays in pieces, by life lived so wrong
A heart made new by God, bows low to Him in song
Oh Lord submit I to you, in service til I die
I thank thee Lord for choosing me, to live with You on High
I thank You for Forgiveness, I thank You for thy Grace
I thank Thee for these tears, running down my face
For tears tell the story, of soul freed from sin
No longer does it matter, where in life I've been
Forever You shall hold me, in palm of Thy hand
This always I shall know, forever understand
for randy (from Sarah)

Randy - Feb 19, 1958 - March 29, 2002 - 44 years of age
We love you Randy,
Gary and your new family of God