Anna's Heart

Amazing Grace

When I am unable because of weakness in me
I rely on your strength and power and rest in Thee

Your perfect work will be done when I am weak
You are a strong tower and strength to the meek

Your grace is sufficient and is our strength and help
In our weakness your grace and mercy will be felt

Your grace and love has changed everything for me
I am a witness of your grace that has set me free~

Thanking precious Jesus for His amazing grace


The Sweet Name Of Jesus

The name of Jesus brings praises to the heart
Drawing those to the Father who are apart

Jesus paid the cost with His life to set us free
He was lifted up on the cross for you and for me

Love came down freed us and went back to glory
Peace and joy came in believing the Gospel story

Our praises are all for you for Your redeeming love
You changed our world by coming down from above

Jesus your name brings peace and joy to the hearts
When our praises end somebody elses starts~


Press On

On this walk home If we should stumble along the way
Look to Jesus and press on to make it another day

We must keep our eyes on Jesus to make it home
And not chase every dream that will cause us to roam

If we turn our eyes from Jesus we will slowly drift away
Things in life can take us from Him and cause us to stray

The very moment we take the chance to get out of touch
We must turn back to the One who loves us so much

Jesus being our source we can press on and in to Him
He will enable us with His strength He will surely send ~


To Know Him More

Storms come along to help us know God more
Sometimes we forget what the storms come for

They come to draw us to the Lord as close as can be
So our life will speak how the Lord has comforted me

In our times of trouble, Jesus, we call out your name
We saw Peter called to you and to him you came

If you are going through a storm today, on Him call
For what He has done for one He will do for us all

After the storm comes the calm and skies so blue
And joy replaces mourning , Jesus we love you ~


Made One In Him

Our Lord wants us to share love with one another
And be patient and kind to our sister and brother

Just as He shares the well of the living water with all
He bids to come and drink to the great and the small

His grace and love captured me and I stand in awe
For giving me the vision of a perfect love that I saw

Taking me to a place where all are loved the same
Made One in and through Him , bless His Holy name ~


Remembering You

Every single day things seem to remain the same
But i got to keep singing and praising your name

I dont want to get caught up in the moment of things
I want to see afar and hold to what i know hope brings

The thing that matters is I keep remembering You
Your word of promises that are all faithful and true

I want to do the impossible and take a leap in faith today
Holding to what I read in your word, all you had to say

On this journey of faith you will never leave me alone
Thank you Jesus for walking with me til I make it home~


Love That Longed To Be One Again

Seeking words to tell of this amazing love and grace
It is my delight to say, it is so pure, come and taste

We were so far away from our loving Heavenly Father
We belonged to Him but then we left Him for another

Our hearts and souls longed for His sweet spirit within
For sin had seperated us and we were far from Him

He knew from the beginning and made away for the lost
To come back to Him through His Divine work on the cross

Sweet forgivness and mercy comfort and love came to us
We had no way of earning it, all He asks is in His work trust ~


We Are His Joy

To know you go with us and will give us rest
Helps us make it through each trial and test

We would love to escape each raging storm
But to your praise and glory is why we are born

We don't see you and yet in you we believe
We hope in your word and comfort we recieve

You are pleased and rejoice and sing over us
Because our life we have placed in your trust~

10/ 23/05

Jesus The Fount Of Joy

May we love Your word for it is good and right
And grow in knowledge and depth of insight

Believe in what we read and in what we hear
Have confidence in knowing you are so near

Be filled with your Spirit and remain in your love
Be encouraged in your word you send from above

Sharing your life together making every day count
For things that bring joy that flows from the fount~


Jesus Is The Only Way

Come away to a quiet place and sup with me
Won't you give me time so that you can see

Just how much I want to be a part of you
I want to show you love faithful and true

Come to me and you will soon come to see
How precious you are and find rest in me

Many come and go and are drawn away
Pulled in by the world and have gone astray

But I am still call to them day after day
Come back to me, I am the only way ~


He Knows

The Lord knows the thoughts of our mind
Thoughts of vanity and things of every kind

He knows the intent of every soul and heart
He knows us through and through every part

He knows the things that are wise and vain
He knows our joy and what causes us pain

He knows how to change the gray skies to blue
He knows how to revive us and give us life anew~


We Must

We must get hungry for the Word of God and learn
To tell the difference from truth and a lie and discern

We must know what is evil and what is good and right
Depart from evil and do what is pleasing in His sight

We must stay in His word and be encouraged everyday
Keep our eyes stayed on Him so He can show us the way

We must be lead and guided into truth as He said
Depending on Jesus Our Lord, He is the head~


Come Out Of Her

The Word's of God must continually be sounded
So in the truth people may be firmly grounded

God has called "Come out of her and come to Me"
God is calling and separating His people you see

Come out of the world and touch her not, she is unclean
She appears to be harmless but she is not as she seems

God wants sons and daughters belonging only to Him
All who hear and come, He will be a Father to them~


It Is The Lord

It is the Lord who made a path through the sea
It is the Lord who opens doors for He has the key

It is the Lord who lifts up and who puts down
It is the Lord who sets free those who are bound

It is the Lord who will spring forth a new thing
It is the Lord to whom all our praises we bring

It is the Lord who will forgives us of all our sin
It is the Lord who gives victory so we can win ~


Don't Give Up

It means so much to follow the right way
To stay on track and not be led astray.

There is only One way given to us
Jesus we must rely upon and trust!

We must be tried in order to see,
If faith was in Him or things or me!

Faced with sufferings, will we endure?
Or will we give up with hearts unsure?

The Word is encouragement for us today,
He is with us walking each step of the way~

Gentle Courtesy

His Greatness

Mere words can not describe the beauty I see
As I look to the One who loved and saved me

As I draw closer to gaze upon and behold
My vision becomes clearer as things unfold

When i look to the heavens they tell me a story
And show me a beautiful picture of God's glory

When I look around in the earth and see
All the handiwork that came from Thee

When i think upon your Divine work and being
I am in Awe of what my eyes are seeing ~~


Yes And Amen, Unto Us

By faith we will come to understand
That all things are held in God's hand

He will give us dreams and expectation
For we are a part of His eternal creation

He will give us grace in our time of need
And bring increase to our planted seed

He will give us joy and peace in believing
So that our joy may be full in receiving

We bring Him joy because in Him we trust
All His promises are yes and amen unto us~


Two Fountains

There are two fountains from where wisdom flows
Human wisdom which leads to stress and woes

Or Spiritual wisdom that comes from above
Sent down to comfort and lead us by love

Human wisdom comes from the carnal mind
It is a form of control that isn't gentle or kind

Deceived and captured held in this place
Not giving the soul hope not even a trace

Spiritual wisdom gives us a choice you see
Saying, come drink from me and be set free

The mind is a real war and battle ground
The Spirit fights for the soul that is bound

Human wisdom keeps us bound at any length
Spiritual wisdom gives us joy for our strength

Two fountains to drink from are open today
One is free and the other you must pay~


The Word Of God

The Word of God sent down here to me and you
Has been tried and found trustworthy and true

Inspired by the Holy Spirit words for the men to write
So we could stand strong in the power of His might

The word of God is power from on high to receive
It will set a captive soul free if they can only believe

The Word of God is the Spirit of truth and is our sword
That we use to destroy the lie for the Word is the Lord

Our enemy is skilled in trickery he is the great deceiver
He prowls about for souls and he wants to stop the believer

He wants to stop those having the testimony of our Lord
But we have been given His word the doubled edge sword

Keep your shield of faith up and use what He gave
Be a good soldier and fight for souls He died to save~


One True God

The One true God is living and He is a spiritual being
He is all wise all powerful and all knowing and seeing

He is Just and Holy and Perfect through and through
He is more than able for there is nothing He can't do

God is the Father the creator of the whole universe
By the power of His word things exist and disperse

He manifested Himself as the Son so we could see
His great love and compassion He has for you and me

He is meek long-suffering loving and gentle and kind
Reconciling us back to the Father with peace of mind

The source of all we need is found in God's Son
He came to do the Father's will and it will be done

Here on earth as it is heaven He taught us to pray
He came as the light the truth and He is the way ~


Our Helper

We have a helper in this world and He is a true friend
He sticks closer than a brother all the way to the end

He does not push or shove but is patient and kind
He came to us to give us comfort and peace of mind

He works down in the depth of our being every day
Shining light in darkness to show us the right way

He satisfies the hunger and fills the longing soul
Lifting us up by love and making us every bit whole

He enables us to receive the truth that will set us free
He is God's Holy Spirit He has offered to you and me ~


A Greater Vision

Through the trials in life we'll find God's grace
It is in our weakness that we seek His face

Our trials come to bring an end to self you see
Showing us weak and the need to trust in Thee

In our weaknesses you will show us who your are
With your Spirit in us we don't have to look far

We are weak in strength so we call your name
You bring faith and courage glowing like a flame

Bringing me to this place where I can plainly see
That this life I now live is Christ who lives in me ~


Sufferings Has It's Reward

Faith comes from God and has been given to us
We will be defeated if we do not learn how to trust

When the odds are great against us and we fear
We must remember God is not far from us but near

We must stop looking at the greater odds to see
But look to Jesus who can calm the raging sea

When i think of Job sufferings and all he went through
He saw Almighty God that he thought he already knew

He said he heard about God by the hearing of His ear
His eyes of understanding opened when God was near

Through Job's sufferings he came to the secret place
Where him and the most High God met face to face~


Fashioned By His Hand

The Creator of good and the beauty I see
His handiwork speaks to the heart of me

When i think of a place void and without form
And then His Spirit moved upon it to transform

It was covered with water and dark as night
Then He spoke and said "Let there be light"

Then dividing darkness and light into night and day
He made the heavens and placed the waters to stay

The waters were the seas dry land was the earth
And they brought forth things that they could birth

God formed man and gave him the image of Him
Male and female He created the both of them

God gave man dominion over every living thing
Blessing them and to Him our praises we bring

Life is a miracle and is as precious as a gem
Something void was turned into beauty by Him~


His Work In Us

Our life in Christ Jesus is a living flame
Walking worthy and blessing His name

Being fruitful in good works done by Him
When we trust and rest He works within

Trusting His word forms Him in you and me
He will work His work and do it completely

Our life is in His hand to make and mold
He will shape us into beauty to behold

A lump of clay turned into fine china we'll see
When He has finished His work in you and me ~


Awe And Wonder

The heavens are magnificent in glory
The earth is full of your handiwork
The Bible shows your many promises
Written to us in your Holy book

Laughter is delightful to hear
A baby is adorable to see
But nothing can compare
To the hope that lives in me

The sky is your beautiful design
Full of color or dark and gray
The rainbow is a sign of a covenant
But mercy and love is here to stay

Life is a miracle full of wonder
Thoughts are like time and space
Searching high and low endlessly
Just to get a glimpse of your face

Faith is strong and is our strength
Joy is unspeakable and overflows
But two hearts that become one
That feeling only heaven knows~


The Gift of Love

Blessed God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
Who freely gave us Your precious Son without price

Your plan made before creation way back then
How He would come to deliver and save fallen men

You have given us a lively hope in the death of His Son
Now much more we shall live because what He has done

Oh, this is the greatest love story that will ever be told
We can read The Holy book and see the truth unfold

How He gave Himself to reconcile us back the Father
It is by and through only Jesus for there is no other

The soul that was empty and void longing to be filled
Can now have Your Spirit for Your plan was fulfilled~~


Times In Life

Just one moment changes things by a smile
Hugs and smiles are free and very worthwhile

Life can be complex with pleasure and pain
Failures and achievements sunshine and rain

Periods of progress and then times of trial
Learning patience and trusting as a child

Responsibilities that leads to much sorrow
But causes one hope for a better tomorrow

Many mistakes are made that can not be undone
But hold to the promise of forgiveness in the Son~


The Higher View Of Things

What the mind thinks or the eye may see
What the heart feels or tries to tell to me

Are things temporary for this time and place
But there are higher things to see and taste

There is a higher view of things to be shared
Eye hasn't seen nor ear heard what's prepared

He will reveal them to those who love Him and trust
By His Spirit we can see the things prepared for us

The higher view hinges on faith so one can see
Walk by faith not by sight to see what shall be~


Patience Is A Virtue

In patience there is real abiding love
Expressing God's character above

Patience is comfort for the weary soul
Providing healing to make us whole

Patience is persistence in us going on
So we won't give up until the work is done

The power of patience we can use today
In the opportunities that come our way

Let patience have her perfect way in you
Be lacking nothing through and through ~


The Light Of Life

Trusting God's Word makes one stable
Keeping us firm footed ready and able

Abiding in Him is the way and reason
We can bear fruit in time and season

Such beauty is long lasting and will stay
Kinda like leaves that never wither away

The word will prosper where it may go
Setting free and triumphing over the foe

The Word made flesh so all may know and see
The light of the world shining for you and me ~

1/26/ 06

Victory Comes When We Trust

Suffering for Jesus brings honor not shame
Doing His purpose for His worthy name

The test and trials are not strange you see
Others have walked there before you and me

Glorify God in the midst of our adversity today
The people from old encourage us in the way

We see strength came out from their pain
By depending on God trust was their gain

They trusted Him and were not ashamed
Victory came by promises they claimed

In our weakness God's glory is revealed
By His power and strength we are healed ~


Determined To Reach The Goal

Determination will take us where we are to go
There is a goal set before us for this we know

Wisdom's delight to give us insight and teach
What lies ahead and the place we must reach

The race we are running in and the length to go
How to gain strength and the way she will show

She teaches the power of determination is the way
Don't look back you will need your strength for today

Keep your eyes on the prize and make it to the goal
And come to Jesus He will give you rest for your soul ~


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