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The History of Men

Man has usually also been the enemy in the Shannara books, as were the trolls and gnomes. They inhabit the Southland, and were the leaders of the Federation.

Before the Great Wars

As we know, the period before the Great Wars refers to out present time. Our sciences grew to the extent where no one died except from old age, and even then, science was on the verge of conquering that as well. Then, from disputes between little countries, tension grew, and before anyone knew it, The Great Wars occured. It was a massive was between countries that destroyed much of the geography and wiped out nearly all of the human population. The survivors hid for a time and eventually evolved into gnomes, dwarves, trolls, and the current race of man.

After the Great Wars

After the Great Wars, man inhabited the Southland area. Allanon had told Shea that man was one of the scavengers, grappling with the other races to stay ahead. They were the race that Brona employed in the First War of the Races.

During the time of Allanon

During the time of Allanon, most men did not involve themselves with the wars of the other races. When Eventine sent word for help against the demons to the Southland, they refused to help.

During the Federation

The Federation was implemented by the race of man, an attempt to control the Four Lands.

Famous Men





Uprox Screel

Panamon Creel

Shea (part man)


Wil (part man)

Brin (part man)

Jair (part man)

Menion Leah

Morgan Leah

Rone Leah


Kimber Boh




Padishar Creel


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