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The History of the Gnomes

The gnomes, like the trolls, are generally portrayed as the enemy. They quarrel often, are very superstitious, and are united only under a chieftan, one for each clan. The gnomes are particularly frightened of the Wolfstaag Mountains.

The Stors, however, are also gnomes, but they are never the enemy. They are Healers, isolating themselves from the world, for the most part. Wil Ohmsford studies with them as they are the best Healers in the Four Lands. Allanon is a friend to them.

After the Great Wars

The gnomes live in the Northland, and are, as mentioned, superstitious and quarrel often.

In the Time of Allanon

Gnomes often helped the enemy, such as in the wars with the Warlock Lord. They were also sided with the Mord Wraiths. When Jair and his friends reached Capaal, they saw an entire army of gnomes before the fortress. Later on, the Mord Wraiths came and summoned a monster to attack the city.

During the Federation

Like everyone else, the gnomes fell to the Federation.

Famous Gnomes

Orl Fane


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